At La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, Associates’ General Meeting Reveals a Switch to a Five Day Work-Week in 2017


Eagle Beach — The agenda for the recent quarterly Associates’ General Meeting at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino was a busy one, loaded with updates and action plans as well as a surprise reveal by General Manager Joe Najjar who announced the switch to a five-day work-week in 2017. The announcement was met with great applause and loud cheers, as Najjar described an improved quality of life and improved upcoming benefits to his hard-working, diligent crew.

The conference room at the resort enjoyed a great attendance, as emcee Aichel Lynch took the audience through the agenda points. The first order of business was the launch of a promotion titled 100 Days of Hospitality Challenges designed to inspire management and employees with fresh ideas and their immediate implementation.

Associates were encouraged to come up with suggestions, for which they win prizes, with the adoption of their ideas, through July, August and September. The F&B Department was first to be recognized for coming up with an internal reward system for any job well done. F&B department members Vincente Guerrero and Jandor Lampe received a round of applause and valuable prizes for their creativity.

The goal of the promotions, as explained by Najjar and Lynch is to raise the resort’s Medallia guest satisfaction scores over the next 100 days and thereby improve the overall guest experience at the resort and the overall associate experience.

The quarterly General meeting also informed associates regarding the latest financials and regarding the latest Human Resources developments, as well as operational achievements.

The uplifting gathering was concluded with a fun raffle.

Pictured here, a memorable Associates’ General Meeting, at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino