Aruba Bank, Proud of Its Participation as Sponsor of Aruba’s Carnival Youth Queen Election


: The island of Aruba was just recently introduced to its Carnival Youth Queen during the Diamond Jubilee elections at the Entertainment Center, filled with a cheering crowd enjoying the festive atmosphers. Aruba Bank, as one of the main sponsors of Carnival 60 is proud of its active involvement in the festivities in which Carnival Youth Queen Dana Arendsz, represnting the T.O.B. Carnival Group, won the ultimate title. Bank representatives Shanoulle Bikker  and Stephanie Camacho enjoyed the distinct priviledge of awarding the finalists attractive gifts courtesy of the bank. They report that all participants delivered stellar presentations, and that all seven Youth Queen candidates proved to be very poised, joyful and talented,  contributing greatly to the total success of the night.

Aruba Bank is hereby extending its heartfelt congratulations to the winner and finalists and to the people of Aruba, for helping stage Carnival 60 as an unforgettable colorful, cultural event, wishing all those in the parades and on the side of the road a great time and a Happy Carnival 2014.