Aruba Bank Celebrates the Topping of the Roof at its New Branch in Hato

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – December 9th, 2012 – At the wake of nine months of intense construction, Aruba Bank was pleased to celebrate its spantenbier, the topping of the roof, at its new branch in Hato. This new branch is located right next to the Elmar NV headquarters. The new building covers almost 3,000 square meters, resulting in a very spacious and modern facility.

Construction began in February 2012, and went according to schedule, with the topping of the roof unfolding as planned. The new building is technologically advanced and eco-friendly. One example of its environmental conscientiousness is the VRV airconditioning system installed, which consumes 30% less electricity. Also, the building’s lighting system features automatic shut off when no activity is registered. Typical Aruban plants will be used for the landscaping,requiring little irrigation, while saved rainwater and recycled water from the building will be used to water those that do.

The new bank branch will offer its users exciting benefits. And judging from the flow of traffic passing through that area, the building will service many clients, featuring ample parking places, easy access to banking services, and a short waiting time.

Shanoulle Bikker, Marketing/Public Relations Manager, delivered the welcome remarks at the topping of the roof celebration. At the end of her speech, Marcelline Richardson, Managing Director of Aruba Bank, performed a symbolic act, that of burying a bottle containing the speech and the blueprints of the building at the site. As the first commercial bank established in Aruba, Aruba Bank decided to place the bottle in the ground on which the atrium is built. As the building is located in an archeologically significant area, future archeologists, digging in the district of Hato, might find the bottle and uncover the secrets of the building and its designation.

Chairman of the Board, Bastiaan Guis, presided over the official part of the spantenbier, sprinkling the Aruban flag, raised over the highest roof rafters with beer, according to Dutch/Aruban tradition. Bank employees and invitees from the community continued to celebrate the occasion, with entertainment by Nico Connor and his steelpan.

Aruba Bank is please to note that work on the building has progressed quickly and would like to thank the contractor and all construction workers for their unconditional support. Thanks to their dedication, Aruba Bank’s new branch will soon conclude construction, thereby raising the level of service delivered to clients to an even higher level.