Art Rules & Spinner Agency Presents: 10 Days 1 Play Kick off Sunday Morning With Their Introduction

On Sunday morning Art Rules kicked off its introduction day of the 10 Days 1Play program! Art Rules is proud to present some of the most aspiring talents Aruba has to date. Writers, singers, photographers, designers and actors all came together for one reason, to put together a theater production in 10 days. As rehearsals kicks off the company will go straight in to rehearsal and create a new contemporary piece based on personal stories and experiences.

Director Ira Kip says, she is excited to work with such amazing talent and is proud to present to you: Lyrick Perez Jonovan Wernet Amanda Alders Britt Trinidad Tavin Blanche Georgina Richardson Luis Villegas Pablo Aguilar Shanika Clark Juliette Carti and Darlin V Hernandez. To see such a dynamic group of artist comes together in one room for a collective effort is just so inspiring to me.

In addition Art Rules is making history with its 10-day challenge, as this is the first time that a group of local Artist will create something from nothing in 10 days. The Aruba Academy for Fine Arts & Design is hosting the company throughout the month of November and is excited to continue their partnership with Art Rules says Director Glen Godijn.

The theme for the play is Beauty. Director Ira Kip wanted to start a dialogue about how we value beauty and how this has affected our culture and Identity. In addition I wanted to start a conversation about how our values on beauty has affected our mental health. I believe this is a silent epidemic especially amongst the youth, and find it therefore even more important to start a conversation and create a space where one can share and translate their experience on stage. 1o Days 1 Play will allow that space to be created and honored so that we can not only start talking but also start healing.

Once again Art Rules was supported by some of its most dedicated partners such as Hertz Aruba, Paradise Beach Hotel, Jan Van Es and VNO. It is without a doubt that these companies share a similar vision with Art Rules, which is the advancement of our youth through Arts & Education.

10 Days 1 Play will have its premier on November 26th and will have an additional performance date on the 27th at Cas Di Cultura. Ticket sales for the premier of the show starts November 15th and will be sold at the Academy or reservations can be made via the 10 Days 1 Play Facebook event.