Art Rules & Right About Now Festival NL Presents: 10 Days 1 Play (Reasons to be Pretty)Created by Aruba’s Emerging Talent!

Surprise!!! Art Rules is BACK!
In November of 2015, in collaboration with the Right About Now Festival NL, ARA will produce its 1st Theater Production ever! In 3 weeks the Art Rules program will work with 20 up and coming Artist whom will have 10 days to put together a full-length production. Directed by Art Rules Artistic Director and Theater Artist Ira Kip, Art Rules will challenge its young Artist to get up on their feet and create something from nothing in 10 days!

Due to a strong demand and need for the continuation of Arts Education on Aruba, ARA is introducing the 10 days 1 Play Theater Production as a pilot in order to asses and provide the need for Arts Education beyond its summer program. For the past 6 years ARA has successfully contributed to the advancement of its youth on Aruba by offering higher education shared by Artist from around the world. While founders Ira & Ayra Kip wrapped up their 2015 summer program post-production they realized that it wasn’t time, just yet, to end they Art Rules season of 2015.

During the summer Ira & Ayra notices that one of the most reoccurring topics among its students is identity. As a Theater Director Ira believes that this is a topic one can create endless beautiful work on and what better way to do so through theater. Reasons to be Pretty had its first Broadway debut in 2008, written by the awesome playwright Neil LaBute. The play is centered around identity and questions our standers on beauty. Together with 20 Artist Ira will utilize this play as an inspiration, creating a new production with its participants. Highlighting social issues such as peer pressure, bullying and sexuality, they will investigate how trends, social media and urban pop culture have settled in to our brains and conditioned our believes and standards on beauty.

In addition, Art Rules will guide those whom are interested in applying and/or pursuing an education within an Arts program for the 2016 fall semester by having a one-night convo session. The convo session will provide information on studying abroad and life as an international student at a performing Arts School. In addition ARA will support those who need assistants with creating their professional portfolio, seek reference letters, auditioning prep, international students information and the application process.

With this pilot we not only aim to create new works created by local talent but also support those whom want to continue their education within the Arts.

10 days & 1 play will kick of Monday November 9th and will run its classes through November 26th, with two performances on November 27tth and the 28th at Cas Di Cultura.

Art Rules is looking for 20 Artist who will join the first Art Rules Theater Company.
We are looking for, actors, writers, costume designers, stage designers, musicians and a vibrant production crew. Together you will create something out of nothing in 10 days!

Participants will be selected based on their application submitted through the Art Rules website and a 15 second audition video posted on Instagram tagging the ArtRulesFlicks showcasing why you should be part of the 1st Art Rules Theater Company Ever! Application starts October 10th through the 20th. Participants who are selected will pay a FL100, – participation fee for the full 10 days. Rehearsals will be in the evening, and all class materials will be provided. The studying abroad Convo session/Pizza night! Will be held Nov 18th 6-8pm and will be open to the public. Must rsvp, parents are welcome! Location TBC.
For more info go to or follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Artrulesflicks).