Art Rules Aruba Goes Curaçao!


Art Rules Aruba has been the most successful, most participating arts program for young aspiring Aruban Artists since it’s launch in 2010. Teens (age 13-23) have been signing up for the opportunity in Art workshops with international artists from around the world. Produced by the Pancake Gallery Foundation, the organization behind the program had a mission to develop an educational platform where teenagers from all walks of life could feel welcome and free to be whom they are as they go on a journey to not only develop artistic talent and skills, they came to create Art.

The program has since then hosted more than 700 Aruban participants, all selected through an application procedure, which required a motivation letter. Having had so many applicants over the year, one can assume that the Pancake Gallery foundation may have the most interesting database on Aruba’s youth, how they experience Art, their ambitions, their aspirations and why they feel art is so important on the island.

Growing and expanding the program Art Rules successfully launched on sister Island Curaçao in 2014, which will be commemorating its 3rd edition this July.

To further imbed the program on Curaçao, organizers have decided to pause the program on Aruba for a year and continue to produce only Art Rules Curaçao in 2016. No loss for Aruba as this edition will also make space for Aruban students.

Art Rules has partnered with Aruba Airport Authority to create a special scholarship package for Aruban students or any one of interest from Aruba. Titled the ArubaGoesCuraçao scholarship, Arubans will not only get free participation in Art Rules Curaçao, you also get a free flight to go to Curaçao.

This collaboration between the Airport and Art Rules is the first ever initiative by the organization to create international exchanges between young people from the 2 islands. Which is something the organization is going to focus on more in the future. “Our mission was to create an educational platform for the Arts on Aruba, then it became expanding to different islands, now we want to develop connections between those islands and the region.”. As stated by the Director of the program Ayra Kip.

How to apply for Art Rules Curaçao or this special scholarship? Visit to find all information on the terms, how to apply and the application form, which includes, as is standard in Art Rules, a motivation letter.

For social link Art Rules on facebook @artrulesaruba, Instagram @artrulesflicks, Snapchat @artrulesnap, twitter @artrulesU.