Alicia Ras Completes Five Years at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – As the only woman in her department, painter Alicia Ras feels very much at ease as a member of the Maintenance Team at Caribbean Palm Village Resort where she just celebrated her 5th anniversary.
Painting, she explains, requires patience and precision, two qualities she has plenty of, and that is how she found herself working at first as a contractor at the resort, and later as a full time employee.
Alicia, who was born in Colombia and still love visiting the country of her birth often, appreciates her work environment at Caribbean Palm Village Resort and she continues to paint and sew, also in her time off, at the home she shares with her husband.
Management praised Alicia’s performance over lunch with Assistant Chief of Maintenance Franklin Olive in attendance, presenting the honoree with a plaque and a customary envelope.
We hope to have your company here at the resort for many more years, said Olive.
Pictured here, Alicia with members of management.