96.5% Pica, New Season starting August 11th, for the Popular Radio Talk Show on Magic 96.5FM

Palm Beach – Pica 96.5% returned to the airwaves at the end of the summer vacation. The show went for a much-needed break just before the FIFA World Cup Games 2014 and during the summer vacation weeks. The show is back full force for its regular schedule on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday on Magic 96.5FM, from 11am to 12noon, with DJ Vibes at the controls.
The show features three popular media personalities Pica 1, Pica 2 and Pica 3, namely magazine publisher Jacqueline Suttle, TV host Tabitha Fecunda and columnist Rona Coster.
96.5% Pica – which could loosely translate to 96.5% peppery, spicy, fiery or hot, is all that, bringing live talk, fun commentary and original thinking to prime time, on a very popular radio station.
Some of the topic you could expect on the show: Would you make a sex tape with your husband or your lover? How do you feel about reporting to the bank – before you travel… so your ATM card accessing your money could be activated; Is it our similarities or our differences that attract us to each other; What could you do when a family member or a friend asks to borrow money; If you could be a super hero….which special power would you like to possess; Your under age brother is sleeping with your 25 year old girl friend, AND YOU KNOW IT, what would you do; Is it more fun to be a parent or a child; Things you hate – when travelling by plane; At the onset of the North Sea Jazz festival, which artist are we looking forward to see.
The hot format handles several eclectic items in the news, then a single, pre-set topic lending the show a perfect balance of heavy and light, presented with a sense of humor and filled with well-researched facts. Some more complicated topics even benefit from expert call ins during the show.
The show usually starts off with a short introduction of the topics and some casual conversation between the picas, then they handle their subjects with great enthusiasm and expertise.
Jacqueline who is a reporter and a journalist by profession demonstrates fearlessness and determination when tackling even the most difficult of subjects, while Tabitha who is a TV presenter delivers humor and unexpected True Confessions, from her own life experience. Rona Coster usually provides the researched facts, with Google and Wikipedia at her finger tips.
Like them on Facebook, or tune in to the show, you may send in your suggestions, or just sit back and enjoy a fun hour with Aruba’s newest radio personalities, of 96.5% Pica!
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