5.0 Award of Excellence goes to Hollywood Smokehouse

You don’t have to be a fine dining establishment serving filet mignon and lobster on fine china to earn the coveted 5.0 Award of Excellence from Trip Advisor—just ask Hollywood Smokehouse owner Michael Bislick!  “As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with a good meal it’s the same,” says Bislick when asked about being one of only two restaurants on Aruba to receive the solid 5.0 award from Trip Advisor (Carte Blanche was the other recipient). “We serve good comfort food—slow smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken along with homemade side dishes and sauces from my wife’s southern roots and family recipes,” explains Michael, “and travelers appreciate a good, no-fuss meal no matter the setting.”

Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site, recognizing the power and value of true traveler feedback.  Because of Hollywood Smokehouse’s exceptional ratings over the past year, with a consistent rating of 5.0, they have “earned a place among the very best,” says Trip Advisor President Christine Petersen.

Hollywood Smokehouse was originally located in the historic Hollywood building in San Nicolas, but recently reopened in the hotel area at Pos Aboa 41 in Bubali (near the Sasakiweg roundabout by Texaco and Pizza Hut on the main strip).

The restaurant is open weekends only from noon to 8pm, offering takeaway style, but The Old Dutch Bar next door welcomes guests to sit and enjoy barbecue washed down with cold beers and drinks at local prices.  Says Michael, “Barbecue is a weekend culture here on the island, and tourist really enjoy a local experience where they can meet, eat, and drink among the locals at very affordable local prices.”