About Rona Coster

ronafinalohiresRona Coster, a long time resident of Aruba is a newspaper columnist and a PR diva.

She is the managing director of Marketing Plus NV, a well established PR company servicing clients in hospitality, and the PR & Special Project Director of Island Temptations magazine, now in its 14th year.

Winner of the CTO Worldwide Travel Writer / Photographer Award, she enjoys writing, taking pictures and sharing her findings with Aruba lovers from all over the world.

She lives on Malmok, LOVES her garden, her dogs, all four four-legged friends are adopted strays, and her good looking son, David Coster, 36, is a hospitality executive.

Eatin’, drinkin’ goes without saying. Friends? The more the merrier.

Rona’s popular gossip column in the local newspapers just transformed into a blog, sharing the bounty with a larger audience, welcome, and keep coming back.