Zoetry Eco Wellness Resort, at Isla di Oro, Aruba

We recently attended a press conference in which Grupo Isla, spearheading the Isla Di Oro project, developing a Zoetry Wellness Resort, made an excellent presentation to the press and the general public about their upcoming plans, for a true Eco-Resort.

Three environmental NGOs were present, Stimaruba, Rainbow Warriors and Aruba Mammal Foundation, also some Pos Chiquito neighbors and supporters of the project.

Conspicuously absent? ABC, Aruba Birdlife Conservation, an NGO protesting the loudest, in newspaper press releases during the month of October. It’s lamentable they did not attend because they would have been pleased with the long line of experts present in the room, outlining plans for rehabilitation of the area, now a mosquito infested swamp.

Aruba is ambivalent about development. On one hand poverty sucks, and prosperity brought on by tourism is desirable. On the other hand, over-development destroys nature, the main reason why tourists make it to our shore.

Having said that, in my book, Zoetry Wellness Resort, is a positive development and I trust that they will do what they say, and say what they do, rehabilitating the mangrove swamp, improving conditions for the neighbors suffering from a proliferation of bugs, providing employment, importing expensive state of the art technologies to the island and applying them to resort development, in an eco-sensitive area.

At the end of the presentation, the three NGOs wagged their fingers at the developers and babbled on about their fervent conservation efforts, and their opposition to the resort.

It sounded totally ridiculous to me. The Pos Chiquito area is located between the dump and the refinery. Why don’t the NGOs use ALL their resources and fervent rhetoric to fight the crimes against humanity committed by Parkietenbos Dump and the Aruba Oil Refinery. All local NGOs should band together and combat the criminal neglect and environmental suicide engineered by Serlimar & CITGO Aruba.

The Zoetry Brand, by AM resort is excellent, it’s a top quality all inclusive, just what the market is asking for, and since the Government is seeking investment ‘south of the bridge,’ towards the island’s  south-western end, it is a perfect match. Best of all, developers committed substantial funds to achieve a LEEDS certification, the highest environmental stamp-of-approval for the property.

NGO’s, let’s pursue Serlimar & CITGO Aruba, you’re wasting your energies at Zoetry.

From the Zoetry brochure: “Slated for 2018, Grupo Isla’s upscale eco-resort, Zoetry Isla di Oro Aruba, will enjoy a spectacular oasis home at Isla di Oro, a site located along Aruba’s southwestern coast that includes an expansive mangrove forest and a large crystalline lagoon protected from the sea by a small barrier island and reef. With the area experiencing deterioration since 1995, Grupo Isla aims to inject new life into Isla di Oro by implementing a water circulation system to revive the mangroves, building a coral nursery, and adopting LEED-approved sustainable practices, making it Aruba’s first true eco-resort and the Caribbean’s first LEED-certified resort.

While reaching new heights in sustainability, the resort will also reach new heights in luxury, offering 63 French Polynesia-style bungalows sprawled over the lagoon. With an emphasis on wellness, the resort will offer an ultra-luxurious health and wellness spa, nature tours, non-motorized water sports, and other wellness experiences. Other amenities include a restaurant, lounge bar, swimming pool, sunning terraces, and a dedicated bird watching tower.”

Website: www.zoetryresorts.com