The Plot Thickens

Last night we were invited to a Customer Appreciation event at the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino. We were fortunate to be on the receiving end of their global strategy, to make better connections. The gathering fed our minds and our bellies equally well, as the first part of the evening included a speaker, dissecting the subject of happiness and the second part featured culinary fireworks, with incredible food over cocktails, in two different, trendy and cool décors.

Happiness? It’s up to us. And it takes work and focus, it’s not a destination, it’s a journey! Catherine Sanderson was a speed-talker, she has a mind-blowing resume, she knows what she’s talking about, and she delivered a great pep talk, educational and entertaining.

Then over cocktails, what did we talk about? You guessed, the famous resignation. Most people think it’s the best thing that happened to Aruba, because now with the former MinTour on his own, setting up a new party, he will be able to partner with Marisol for example, and become the alternative, forcing a coalition, in the next elections. What this island needs is a change of government, and with a coalition, for as long as they get along, our resources will be better used. So thank you, Otmar Oduber, for shaking things up in that way. Blue is the new green.

Apparently, in view of some dirty looks I received, the former minister has many fans, and one of them reprimanded me for spanking him too hard: He’s a leader, he’s knowledgeable, and charismatic, and best of all he is not oily, smarmy, he doesn’t play the boy-girl card with empty compliments, telling us how beautiful we are, bla bla. I stand corrected. Indeed.

Back to the gossip at hand: Member of Parliament, Marisol Tromp, who received 1643 votes in 2013, is now sitting pretty as several political suitors have asked for her hand. Eventually, she will make a decision to join forces, if she picks Blue, it will be for the good of the country. And I am forever grateful to her for voting against the refinery!

Another name dropped is Juan David Yrausquin. Some of my friends are still mad at him for ditching politics mid race, and wasting their vote — he got 1314, in the 2013 elections. So he went on to study Public Finance in the USA and is now ready to return to the arena. The MinPres indicated that the doors are open, and that he might be a candidate for the minister’s office in the Netherlands.

But my clever friends reassure me he won’t do it. He will not go to the Netherlands for just one year, until the next elections. The MinPres just dangled the offer to prevent that young, handsome politician from partnering with another political entity.

Member of Parliament Andin Bikker, 3047 votes in 2013, must be crying in his tea, regretting the fact he did not move faster, more forcefully, to team up with Juan David Yrausquin or Marisol Tromp. Though a good intellect, there is something flawed about his approach of people. Example: He always tell me “How good I look…for my age, like old wine,” which immediately kills all conversations. Now, what kind of kill-joy compliment is that?

I heard the name Richard Arends dropped in connection to the MinTour’s position, and his possible appointment as professional minister for one year. His current job: Chief of Staff to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication, Energy & Environment, Senior Advisor to the Prime-Minister, that’s a mouthful. He is dynamic, he’s on the ball, he works hard, and contributed greatly to the insane refinery deal, plus he is my neighbor. He wasn’t very kind to me, as he was first thinking about moving into my neighborhood, but things have settled down since.

I did not hear the name of the MinEdu dropped in connection with the open MinTour position. She would have been suitable, but it is the third time, she is not asked. I checked. I am dedicated to Education, which I am passionate about, she said.

Basically the practical solution to the void, says one of my advisers, would be to give Tourism to the MinFin, Culture to the MinEdu, she knows all about it, and Transport to the MinJust, and tada, we’re well taken care of for the upcoming year, until the elections.

Minister plenipotentiary? Desiree Croes. She can go back to the Netherlands for a year, she knows all about it. But who will replace her in parliament??!!