The Phonebook, a Vegetarian Restaurant, a Sushi Bar and the Dump, all rolled into one column

NEW PHONE BOOK IS HERE. I welcomed the phonebook into my kitchen and looked at the cover, it said: Famia e fundeshi riba cual nos ta para riba dje. It just doesn’t sound smooth. Fundeshi and Para already suggests Riba Dje. So that sentence without a comma, contains an unnecessary repetition. Don’t you think?? I believe the time has come to establish a Papiamento Language Academy, made of local writers and scholars, teachers and poets, let them come up with new words and structures weekly, in order to develop and formulize Papiamento further. A language cannot be left to fend against English and Spanish without intellectual help. A Papiamento Language Academy, affiliated with the Minister of Culture, or the Minister or Education is greatly needed to enrich and supplement the existing vocabulary and syntax.

KOKO DELI DELIVERS. Anyone who likes the sushi at Tatami Sushi Bar will be happy to hear that they opened a second location specializing in take out, at the Orange Mall. You may stay for lunch right there but most people take out or have their food delivered. The menu is reasonably priced and exciting, offering specialty rolls, classic rolls, Temakis and combos, both fried and fresh.

WHY IS THE DUMP SUCH A HOLY COW. And by Holy Cow I mean untouchable, no one there ever pays for crimes against our environment. I read an interview in the newspaper recently with the man in charge of the landfill, it was the lamest, most infantile and inadequate compilation of words I have ever read, filled with vague accusations, from hende cu kier haci un problema to compania tin cu pone prioridadnan, it was all vague and unintelligent, yet he is still there, acting like he is powerless, like he is a victim of circumstance. Dear Mr. Rasmijn, use your resources, use your head, aren’t you a manager? Then you should act like one.  Your head would have been rolling in the private sector. Allow me to quote one of my friends: ‪#‎banserio, ‪#‎governedbymorons, ‪#‎republicadibanana!

GREEN FOOD SERVICE. We went for lunch at the vegetarian restaurant at the Orange Plaza on Wednesday – the menu differs every day.  I had sautéed vegetables with a vegan meat substitute and my companion enjoyed the stuffed zucchini. We started our meal with a tasty Garbanzo soup, and ended it with a natural herbal tea and a vegan drigidek. It was all very tasty. The place is open from 11am to 4pm. Because the menu rotates, I need to go back for the grilled eggplant one day, and the sautéed pumpkin, and the banana pie. They all sound delicious.