The Marketing of the MinPres

The island’s election campaign is on, and I understand the MinPres has an expert Colombia-based marketing company helping him with his public image.

One of the recent highlights of their campaign strategy featured the MinPres live on Fakebook, riding the back of a Serlimar garbage truck, picking up some tricks of the trade from a humble garbage collector. It looked staged, because it was.

Then a few days ago, the MinPres was featured dressed in glaring safari green, in a jungle in Colombia, looking through a pair of impressive bird watching binoculars, as he participated in some bird festival in Perreira. We still have to see him do something for our local birds.

I went through his Fakebook page picture: Our MinPres learned how to fly a drone, and took a picture at a baseball pitching machine, he posed at Santa Rosa, the agricultural center with the pigs, and had his picture taken pretending to fix some street lights in the barrios; He also posts images of himself flicking the street light switches in Sta Cruz, Sabana Liber and Montana, where he also inspected the quality of collected rain water, on camera.

Aruba is getting street lights everywhere. It’s about time. It’s election year and the MinPres is pleasing his voters. In yesteryears we used to joke about asphalt. Streets got asphalted at a rapid pace before elections.

For a MinPres of a small country with limited resources he also travels a lot, to Curacao and Columbia, just recently. I think I know why he decided to show interest in birds in Perreira. His expert Colombia-based marketing company is probably headquartered there, and he needed to report how their strategy is working here.

They are clearly marketing our MinPres like a rock star, a new member of the Kardashians, live on KUWTK 24/7.

OUR QUESTION: Doesn’t he have a country to run? If 100% of his time is dedicated to staged FakeBook appearances, who is in the office to oversee business, tourism, the environment, and our safety?  We still think Aruba is a great country to live in, but with a MinPres singularly preoccupied with his reelection, who’s minding the shop?

I posted some fun images on Fakebook, to illustrate my point,