The Deal Is Off, thanks to Union Interference

I have written about the bad karma of Aura Casino three times this year, all articles listed on the bottom of this page, they are sad tales of bad behavior and illegal business practices.

The latest chapter:

For a while there, it seemed that a new operator, Island Gaming, would be taking the Aura casino at the Occidental Grand, now under its current flag, Barcelo Aruba, over.

Aura Casino closed last December leaving 44 employees, unemployed. The previous operator simply disappeared, and as it turned out, he did not even have a bank account!

Anyway, so the previous bum operator is nowhere to be found, people are out of work. HELP.

Then a new potential operator steps in. That’s Island Gaming.

They might be interested in reopening the business, and taking some of the workers back on.

Why just some?

Because meanwhile Barcelo Resort decided to reduce the casino space and make better use of the area, as part of the lobby. Smaller space, less games, less workers.

Sounds logical.

Not to the local labor union.

Instead of tracking down the previous operator and taking him to court, which hasn’t been done to date, they went after the new guys.

No, they did not bother to pursue the previous operator and sue him for lost wages.

They decided they stand a better chance of getting money if they pursue the new guys, force them to take on all workers AND shell out 10 months of back-pay.

Are you kidding?!

So this thing dragged on and on, with the union flexing muscles and posturing, and the new, enthusiastic guys, getting less and less enthusiastic.

Guess what. Last Friday, they folded. They changed their mind. Retracted the offer. No thanks. They would not be interested in opening the casino under threats of law suits, with the financial burden of 10 month back-wages, 44 employees.

The labor union really played its cards terrible.