Report from the neighborhood’s Legal Eagle, which proves that certain government departments here move with the speed of lightning, under the mi ta fix tur cos pa bo policy: Earlier Monday morning I went to the legal department of the Government (Directie Wetgeving en Juridische Zaken) to see the applications made as per the publications in the newspapers regarding a 50-gallon gas tank and hotel facilities in connection with the Nuisance Law (Hinderverordering). Below find a small recap of my findings:
Fire department (brandweer)
The application dated July 16th, 2014 and was received by the minister of Health on January 8th, 2016.
The fire department issued a positive recommendation to the minister of health for the placement of a 50 gallons gas tank on the Ocean Z premises. The conditions are:
The tank cannot exceed 50 gallons
It has to be outdoors
It can’t be within a 3 meters distance of any electrical installation or ignition installation
A copy of this recommendation to the minister was send to Ocean Z. This is explicitly not in accordance with government procedures and in my humble opinion even a violation of the confidentiality obligations of the fire department. This is the second time we have seen this happen between Fire department and Ocean Z.
No application was made for the pool although h the pool is also required to have a Hindervergunning
Technical department (Dienst Technische Inspectie)
This department issued a positive recommendation for the placement of a 50 gallons gas tank since the installation complies with their internal guidelines. The tank is to be located at the North-West part of the Ocean Z parcel of land. I was not able to see the exact location. My best guess is that the tank is or will be towards the front of the property and close to the Mrs. Lampe residence.
Concerned neighbors have 30 days to file objection against the installation of the gas tank and the pool (pump
Building permit (Bouwvergunning)
Part of the documentation was also a building permit for a “boutique hotel” of 1.379 m2, which was granted on December 30th, 2015 and applied for on September 22nd, 2015.
I noticed that the value of the construction was listed to be AWG. 20,000.— and not a multimillion dollar investment as claimed in court. I also saw that they paid Awg. 10,869.00 for the permit fees. I am not sure if the permit fees are tied to the construction amount. In any event, the value of AWG. 20,000.—seems severally deflated in comparison to their actual construction cost.
More information to follow.