Potpourri of thoughts

SAY NO TO FIREARMS. The Director of Customs enlightened us this week with an avalanche of information. I read his comments with great interest and I would like to make two points. One: Prolonging the so-called investigation of seven suspended Customs Officers by another 6 weeks is a cruel and unusual punishment. Why are you dragging your feet? What can you find out in 12 weeks, that you don’t already know after 6? Just get the bureaucratic process over and kindly restore service to pre-suspension levels. Two: Arming customs agents with firearms is a very bad idea. Our community will be better served with fewer guns in circulation. Besides you will now make customs agents more expensive with more training and more pay, and most importantly if they carry a gun they must be emotionally and physically prepared to use it, and that is a HUGE added moral burden. Repeat after me: Fewer guns, more better.

CURRENT HOT TOPIC. One of the neighbors around Opal, Esmeralda or Ruby caught the image of a gloved burglar on the prowl, with his security camera. I circulated the picture on my blog. It reached over eight-thousand people, was shared more than ninety times and resonated with over 1,300 engaged viewers, in just a few hours. In terms of marketing, this is huge. But we are not marketing anything, we’re just concerned. The popularity of the FB post demonstrates that residents are alarmed and preoccupied, especially in the wake of the escalated car-assisted break in at the Samson bookstore, which elevated our anxiety to new never-before levels.

RIDICULOUS IDEAS. Not all ideas are good. While it is important to have a constant flow of fresh ideas, we also have to accept that some of the things we come up with suck. For example:  A company by the name of Hi Tech Safe is looking to install huge steel safes on our beaches. Apparently they made a PowerPoint presentation to the MinInfra and received a green light. But in order to install big-ass security lockers on the beach they need the endorsement of the hotels. Gratefully common sense prevailed, and Aruba’s large branded hotels rejected Joey van den Berg, and Candy Rasmijn Reino’s idea. Don’t give up guys, try something else, and meanwhile we will try to secure a positive beach experience without reinforced steel.

WELCOME TO DUSHI DESIGNS. Because this column has a great number of overseas readers, this is something for you! If you are an Aruba lover and an online shopper pay attention: Original designs by Stacy Patterson are now available on a wide variety of products such as posters, kitchen tea towels, coffee cups, pillows, travel accessory bags and more, and you can get them online, at http://www.dushidesigns.com. After living on the island for many years and hearing the word Dushi on a daily basis, Stacy decided to develop a charming line of gifts. Dushi Designs is inspired by global travel, the love of (90’s) song lyrics, retro prints, the humor and wit of movie quotes, typography, the beauty of the beach and vintage maps. Visit the website and find a random and eclectic mix designed & created for the Aruba lover in you, to help you make your house into a vacation home!