One of my better suggestions:

We heard that the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association is having problems identifying 6 candidates for board positions at the Aruba Tourism Authority. None of their members want to occupy that hot seat, and they will be looking for suitable candidates outside of their circle and out of the box.

As you know, the Aruba Tourism Authority went from a government agency to a unique independent legal entity within the public sphere, five years ago, governed by a public/private board of seven. That was a good idea, in principle. In reality, while the funds are generated in the private sector, most of the spending decisions are made by the public sector, i.e. the MinTour.

Consequently, three board members representing the private sector, Javier, Joe and Jim, recently resigned over irreconcilable differences. The resignation of 50% of the board somewhat crippled its ability to spend buckets of tourism funds, so to remedy that AHATA was asked to suggest six other fresh candidates out of which the MinTour will have the pleasure of picking three he can work with.

The search for the elusive six has been frustrating, because most of the branded hotel executives are prohibited by their company’s code of conduct to serve on a government policy-making board which may affect their own operation, and how they do business here.

So, what to do??

Where do these three perfect candidates come from?

Search no more; I have just what you need.

The Pica girls, the trio hosting the popular Pica 96.5% of 96.5FM.

The radio girls are the perfect candidates, with impeccable qualifications.

Jacky, Pica 1, a publisher and news personality, knows all about communication, having worked at ATV channel 15 as an investigative reporter. She can smell a rat a mile away, she is fearless, sharp tongued and perceptive, a sledgehammer when she perceives injustice, or if you do not agree with her particular point of view. Perfect.

Tabitha, Pica 2, is a peace-maker, big on etiquette and careful grooming. Having worked at Air Aruba as an airline hostess she has what it takes to serve as an aviation consultant. She will make sure the MinTour’s socks match his necktie, and that he regularly eats the correct number or servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Perfect.

Rona, Pica 3, is a know-it-all, by profession.  You really want to have an expert on practically anything on your team, just like a portable Wikipedia, and she speaks fluent Hebrew which is a great asset when tourism is concerned. Perfect.

What did I tell you? The Sledgehammer, the Peace-Maker and the Know-it-All, a super-combo for the ATA board.