The Torch Parade enjoyed more people in the parade than on the side of the streets and justly so. This is Aruba’s most spontaneous and most entertaining parade, beside it being the most reasonably priced, and the youngest. For about two hours we got to watch the colorful spectacle, with Aruba’s mega bands, including Tsunami, D-Licious, ‘NFusion, Le Groove, and band of the year Buleria, with fans and friends in tow. The Empire Group with the Empire Strikes Back was very cute and relevant, with their light sabers, and masks. Los Laga Bai, the last group, was among the nicest and largest. La Hora Loca with Champagne, always our favorite, and the TOB flight crew, simply brilliant. Bonky Lejuez who drove a vehicle inside the parade reports that his heart swelled with pride when passing in front of Talk of the Town Resort one of the radio DJ’s broke into a monologue in praise of Aruba’s diehard Carnavalistas who put down their firework and pick up their feathers, holding on to that Champagne flute, transitioning effortlessly from New Year’s Eve to Fakkel Optocht, never skipping a beat, no sleep, no rest, no break in between. Irrepressible joy of life is something to be proud of!