Not the end of the world

I woke up panicked at 5am to watch TV. What did you think, that I would stay up all night? I didn’t; I couldn’t take the nail biting anymore, and sometimes around midnight went to sleep knowing there will be a surprise in the morning.

Tada, Donald Tromp, the 45th POTUS, waited for me as I opened my eyes, and he was all sweet, conciliatory, mild and appealing, talking about “US,” and inviting all those he worked so hard to reject and exclude, in, again, to become part of his Great America.

That was a clever 180 degrees turn.

It was a shocker, the worst case scenario. My girlfriend Hillary couldn’t mobilize the African American and Latino votes, and white women alone couldn’t carry her into the White House. She must be devastated!

I am saying to myself, that there is no action without reaction: America had a Democrat black president for eight years, it’s all white and Republican now; we progressed a bit, even nominated a woman, got scared, pedaled back forcefully, but overall I am hopeful that some progress was made.

And that Republicans travel, so that Aruba is safe.

Throughout history, every revolution was followed by a counter-revolution. Think about it, the Russian Revolution, designed to liberate the workers of the world, was pursued by a period of dark oppression, as Stalin ruled the roost. There are many examples to that, the world takes two steps forward, becomes flabbergasted and confused, pulls back, and clamps down.


Breathe. Endure. This too shall pass.

A British newscaster summed it up well, “It’s not the end of the world, but the world just did get a lot crazier.”

Election night? We had a great evening at Tierra del Sol restaurant over their Election Special which featured an excellent 4-course surprise dinner by chef Jim Roosman, starting with a delicate smoked Carpaccio appetizer, followed by tasty Crab Cakes on a bed of green mango or papaya salad, whatever it was, it was amazing, chased by a cauliflower cream paired with a delicious square of lobster croque monsieur, and an ostrich and chicken main course with sweet potatoes and sugar snaps.

The room was filled with cheering Republicans which should have forewarned us, of the election results.

Meanwhile, I am concerned about the MinTour’s portfolio. We should have a professional, with a legitimate background in sales and marketing. Alas, I hear MinEnergy is interested. He says he is most qualified, perhaps hoping to gain access to the ATA bank, to help his friends at CITGO out a bit, with a loan here and there?! Culture? I understand it went to MinLabor, which is OK; been there, done that.