My girlfriend Daphne Agius Cesareo went into politics

We were not totally surprised by Daphne’s decision to join politics. She has been a board member and the president of Aruba’s Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and voiced her frustration with the hardship that must be endured when doing business on the island.

Open a bank account? Get a director’s permit? Get a credit line? It’s all buckets of paperwork and tons of bureaucracy, and as the President of the local Chamber of Commerce she saw no improvement over the years; on the contrary regulations got more layered and confusing, and the enterprising soul of the everyday dreamer got squashed in the process, his resolve and enthusiasm ground to dust.

We had a number of great ideas introduced at the chamber over the last years, she says, Aruba as a business hub; East Meets West in Aruba; Europe Meets Latin America in Aruba, and while these ideas are solid gold, I was always of the opinion that the legal framework must be laid first.

Simply put, there was never any “political will” to change things, cut the ball and chain off, free the human spirit!

As she couldn’t rely on political allies for help, she decided to join, and try to make a difference herself, from the inside.

Daphne reports she looked around for a viable, promising alternative, and found the largest opposition party. Before making a final decision she talked to all parties big and small, and after careful consideration decided to join MEP because it is fresh; most candidates on the MEP list have never been in government before, they have NO political job experience, which means a new leaf, a new beginning.

She also made it very clear that regarding the issue of the local refinery her vote will always be against! The MEP leadership said they could live with that, it’s OK to disagree within party lines.

So stay tuned, Daphne’s ideological platform will be launched shortly, no stickers, no flags, perhaps a small sign at the head of her street; she will run a social media savvy campaign because she is a social media specialist by profession, but otherwise, she will keep it focused and frugal!

My kind of girl!