Mi Dudu Cafe a lovely spot on the rocks

We went for Happy Hour on a recent Friday to Mi Dudu Café, perched on an inland rock formation, in Moko. The neighborhood’s previous claim to fame involved a Love Motel, a rent-by-the-hour guest house, just in case you and Mrs Jones, have a thing going on, that you both know is wrong, and you have to be extra careful.

I read on line that Simon Arends and Debbie Kelly opened the café and named it In honor of Simon’s mom Dudu, a sweet and endearing nickname on the island. You gotta be impressed. Instead of calling the boulozers and clearing the boulder strewn field they thought out of the box and included the prehistoric rocks in the design. I got a bit of an aerobic workout on my way up to the top deck, for added value.

Mi Dudu Bar & Restaurant di inversionistanan local a keda inaugura

Hats off to you. You are excellent role models to follow, pursuing the principle of bending with nature instead of fighting it. We enjoyed a spectacular sunset from our perch on top the impressive hill, and at Awg 5 florin per cold Chill, our wallets were happy too.

Just before leaving we noticed the menu: Calco Stoba, Garlic Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, some steak, chicken and pork dishes. The soups sounded great, served with pan bati. I understand chef Edwin is in the kitchen. He is a veteran of many years with Divi Resorts, and cooks delicious Creole style food.

Next time around we will escort our beers with some seafood or calco croquettes. Mi Dudu’s Cafe snack menu has some tempting choices.

Our waitress, an adorable chick with long braids provided friendly and prompt service!

Mi Dudu Bar & Restaurant ta habri di diadumingo pa diahuebs di 11.00 AM -1 AM y den weekend di 11.00 AM – 3.00 AM. Cushina ta keda habri te cu 10.00 PM. Yama pa bo pedido na: 587-7006.