Medellin, Colombia, flaunts its medical facilities

Carlos Gonzalez, Executive Director Caribbean, of Procolombia, a government entity in charge of export, tourism and investment, promoting the country of Colombia as a brand, was in Aruba recently with four representatives of state of the art hospitals in Medellin, Colombia. They stayed at the Renaissance Marina Tower and conducted introductions and presentation at the Renaissance Beach Suites, to members of the media and other interested parties.

Let’s face it, Aruba’s medical system is flawed and those who can afford it should take their pains and aches to Medellin, Colombia for a fast diagnosis. Once you know what’s wrong, you may resign yourself to AZV services, but for a battery of tests, executive checkups or for a super serious condition, you might as well go there, they have positioned themselves as the ultimate experts, in recent years.

  1. Clinica Las Vegas:

Maria Isabel Gomez Betancur, the International Patient Office Coordinator, check her e-mail address below, speaks English very well and represents her business with charisma and ease. Write to her directly. The clinic is a huge complex in the heart of Medellin with decades of experience. They have an international patient department and they provide all services including bi-lingual translators and caretakers, elegant rooms, total pre and post-op support. Cardiology, Intensive Care, Trauma, they do it all, and Maria Isabel added that joint, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle replacements are big specialties. Of course plastic surgery is huge, both aesthetic and reconstructive. Gastric sleeves and bypasses, dentistry for all members of the family and cosmetic dentistry, are among their most in-demand services.

  1. San Vicente Hospital

The hospital offers World Class Medicine, because it’s a University Hospital, and a Children’s Hospital, with over 100 years of experience. The main facility is located outside Medellin in the countryside, very close to the airport, and is great for those in need of recovery, after a complicated procedure. They have experts in every medical field, Trauma, Intensive Care, Orthopedics, Urology, including penile prosthesis, correction of penile curvature, and lots of surgical alternatives for those suffering from urinal issues, or even Andrology. They have a burn unit, with a tissue and bone bank, but their Children’s Hospital is famous. In short, pick San Vicente for kids and Pediatric Neuro Surgery. I also found deep brain stimulation, and Radiotherapy in their English brochure, and a department for Cardiopulmonary and Vascular challenges. The hospital is gorgeous, very spacious, private and the international patients are treated like soft boiled eggs.

  1. Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe: Go to their website they have a 360 degree virtual tour, of every floor, wow.

Juanita Estrada Plata, the Marketing Manager at the hospital described the place as an institution with a heart. Their International Office accompanies patients and their family members and provides personalized assistance from first contact until you’re ready to return to Aruba. They are open 24 hours, 365 days a year prepared to handle anything, and I mean anything. Check out their excellent website:

  1. Clinica Las Americas:

This is a medical group with a number of super-impressive medicine related businesses established by a group of independent doctors in the 90s, with Clinica Las Americas southwest of the city of Medellin. A group of 480 assigned specialists works at the hospital and together they handle the x-ray & diagnostic imaging services, nuclear medicine, diagnostic & surgical video endoscopy, neurology & breathing therapy, physical & rehab medicine, intensive care, gynecology & obstetrics, executive checkups, and aviation medicine. They have a surgical unit, newborn unit, hospitalization, intensive care, emergency, pharmaceutical services, dialysis, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery and extracorporeal shock wave therapy. The clinic has 199 beds, 12 operating rooms, 12 intensive care beds for adults and 7 for children. Among its most outstanding services I found bone marrow transplants, cancer treatment, minimally invasive surgery, plastic surgery and epilepsy surgery for adults. There is also an institute for women which offers comprehensive assistance to patients and their families, in the area of gynecology & obstetrics (including high risk), and the treatment of climacterium and osteoporosis as well as oncologic gynecology. That was a mouthful.

Write to Laura Yepes Patino, from the International office, she is a sweetheart.