Instead of watching the presidential debate, last Monday, I went to Cas di Cultura for this month’s edition of the Manic Monday Talent Show. Why didn’t I watch the debate? Because I knew I would be made to watch it the-morning-after, all highlights, and endless re-runs anyway!

The Manic Monday Talent Show is an original local production, an initiative of Cas Di Cultura, with the director of the hall, Vicky Arens Tjon a Tjoe as producer and stage manager.  The program started last month, and will be staged once a month until the finale on December 19th. Think about it as Aruba’s version of America’s Got Talent, not all acts are great but the idea is excellent, to showcase and nurture budding island talent. Besides, it’s a modest source of income for our financially strapped for cash home of culture. It needs to generate income in order to stay alive.

While at Cas di Cultura I had a delicious vegetarian quiche by D’abaru Dusi Pasaboca and also tasted a complimentary drink made of the watapana tree bark, mixed with Sprite. Super refreshing.

In conversation with Vicky, she said she was planning to talk to CSJF, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival to see if the event would like return to Cas di Cultura where it was held for 6 years, I believe. It belongs here, she said.

I also asked her about the Evelino Fingal mural, now a blank wall. Vicky explained it needed to be refreshed, and the artist was not forthcoming, besides the design must revert to the original geometrical pattern from the late fifties, because of the status of the building as a monument. She is planning to raise some funds for that purpose!

Among judges last Monday, Michael Lampe, our own child-wonder, who revives traditional local music, and the use of traditional instruments. One of Aruba’s most popular and charming singers Edjean Semeleer was on the judges’ panel, besides a drama coach. Crooner Rocco Flava will be joining the next edition on October 24th, for the MANIC MONDAY TALENT SHOW, so prepare for a full house!