Love me, Sterilize Me or Stimami, Sterilisami.

Impressive new spaying & neutering campaign was rolled out by award winning Bucuti Beach Resort & Tara Suites. I asked Tisa La Sorte Director of Sales, Marketing and Administration for some additional information regarding this private sector initiative and this is what she said: Yessy Arends, Aruba Mutts, came up with the idea and an outline of a plan for a national campaign subsidizing spaying and neutering stray cats and dogs. It was the first time that we saw a plan we thought could work and actually make a difference. We believe that a long-term program is the only way to go in order to reach more people, and benefit more cats and dogs. After meeting with all six veterinary clinics, a process that took a few months, we worked out the details, in which pet owners sign up and register their pet for the procedure at: Once registered they will be eligible to a reduce rate operation for their pet, and they may proceed to make an appointment at the veterinary clinic of their choice. At the clinic they will have to submit a registration number, given to them over the phone by one of the program’s volunteers. Veterinarian charges for their pet’s surgery will now be significally reduced to Awg 75 for a crioyo male dog; Awg 100 for a crioyo female dog; Awg 25, for a male cat and Awg 70 for a female cat. Bucuti & Tara Suites will be charged the balance and are also donating microchips that may be implanted into dogs while under anesthesia. Miguel Garcia is the volunteer that will be spending his time registering everyone. Bati Bleki Buzz is extending compliments to the team of geniuses that came up with a sustainable program. Compliments to the art director and the graphic designer for executing an attractive branded campaign, including posters and displays at the Veterinarian clinics, flyers, ads, registration forms, a web site and a FB page. This is no small feat, to get all these components in sync, congratulation Bucuti & Tara Suites. And the poster dogs are the cutest, white and brown Molly is a sweet rescue dogs I hear, she joins Jimmey, lending both their adorable mugs to the cause. The poster dogs were discovered in a doggy-audition by the local agency that helped conceive the awareness campaign. This is what Yessy says: We’re finally ready to launch! After months of back and forth, it is now official that all veterinary clinics are participating in our Continuous Affordable Spay & Neuter Campaign. (ACC, AHVH, CVS, VKW). Thank you for joining forces! We need you in order for this campaign to be fully productive…united we can reach our goal, efficiently and in record time. The program covers Crioyo dogs, also known as West Pointers, or Cunucu Dogs. Pedigree dogs should be spayed and neutered at the expense of their owners who paid for their purchase. Inspired by the love of animals and the love of Aruba, the Bucuti Beach Resort & Tara Suites is going above and beyond, to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens, honoring Mahatma Gandhi and his famous quote: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.