Is Blue the new Green or is it the new Yellow

I watched the Republican then the Democratic Party convention with great interest over the past two weeks. Two very conflicted parties, two very different Americas described. Who is right, who is wrong?

We’re also asking ourselves the same questions here in Aruba. Some banners appeared this week on Facebook, with slogans apparently borrowed from a Clorox campaign. The banner stated that Blue is the New Green. Fifteen minutes later a different banner offered that Blue is the New Yellow.

We understood the banners as a not-so-subtle hint of a new political party forming, whose colors is blue, positioning itself as the new broom, an alternative, challenging both the party in power, Green, and the party in opposition, Yellow. The man at the helm, with almost 4,000 votes in the previous election, would be our dynamic and tireless MinTour.

I say dynamic and tireless because the man is a bulldozer, a hard worker who can make things happen, but as you realize the flip side of that type of leadership is polarization, as democratic principles get trampled in a dictatorial environment.

Nevertheless we welcomed the idea of a new party, an alternative. We’re tired of the same old, same old. We were chilling champagne in honor of the upcoming launch, and speculating which of the other ministers would join, and what would the coalition look like.

But then in an long and winded interview on Power 101.7FM, station owner Ralph Maduro, a close associate of the MinTour, told journalist Tito Lacle that no, there is no new political party coming on the MinTour’s upcoming birthday in August, it was a joke, and then in a huge Trump-style deflection the conversation turned around to discuss the level of so-called journalism on the island.

Yesterday one of my friends called and said, Rona, it is happening. The green party is weighing its options, just as we speak. Instead of being taken by surprise on the MinTour’s birthday, they will take a decision to expel him. They will block his access to Aruba Tourism Authority funds and call that marriage over. Tonight. Wow.

I was hanging in my kitchen, just waiting for some friends to come for Happy Hour, that’s what we do on Friday afternoon, and I thought to myself that that story cannot be true because Aruba’s government also shuts down in honor of Happy Hour on Friday.

Apparently, I was right. I woke up this morning, and nothing happened. Blue is not the new green, nor is it the new yellow, let’s wait for Monday, see if anything happens then.