In protection of children, a most disgusted column

I have been reading with great disgust and sadness, the stories in the media about suspects of sexual offenses to children. This is the correct legal term. You cannot make a verdict up in the court of public opinions and call just anyone a sex offender or the other P word. You have to call him a suspect, until such time that he is found guilty, in court. I totally agree here with the Hefe di departamento di Jeugd en Zeden Politie, Eric Lake who says: Mester tin prueba di un delito cometi y ministerio publico ta hopi skerpi riba esakinan

So that was my first point.

My second point is that the same Eric Lake has been on the job for 25 years, always saying the same thing that “Investigacion den caso di maltrato etc. etc. ta continuando y riba bon caminda.” I do not want to hear that song anymore. You sound like a broken record. You have no sense of urgency, no outrage anymore, we understand that you have a difficult job, but we need someone else to step up and start running, someone with fire in their gut who will make things happen. And we don’t want to hear that you have no resources, because you have our permission to help yourself to funds from the MinPres Green Corridor project, and the whole country will be grateful.

My third point:  In the court of public opinion the suspect of sexual offenses against kids is the devil, an evil man who needs to be punished. In reality I am sure that he is a psychopath in need of medical treatment. If you throw him in jail for five years he will come out even nuttier, crazier than before. This man in not a simple criminal, he is sick, and as an evolved society we must try to treat him, and improve his mental condition.

My fourth point: This wacky, peculiar father with the mountain of dreadlocks, and the spray paint can, I wouldn’t trust him with my kids. According to me he too is one fry short of a happy meal, a nut job, and the kids growing up in his sphere are destined to become mental.

My fifth point: The other father complaining about inappropriate behavior in the household, in the presence of his kids. You cannot really clump all those issues together, because inappropriate behavior and sexual abuse are not the same animal. And discussing the events on Face book, is equally inappropriate. So your kids are double-marked, by the boyfriend in the towel and by you, and your failure to react appropriately.

My sixth point: Why don’t you all think about the kids, and the shame and the humiliation they suffer? Put yourself in their shoes, how dare you expose their most horrible stories to public scrutiny? You’re all terribly responsible parents. Where did discretion, and confidentiality go?

My seventh point: Dear Prosecutor, don’t wait for public outrage to jumpstart the investigation. Do your job, before all hell breaks loose.

My eighth point: Where is Sostene Mi?? You are the watch dogs, you are supposed to follow up on all cases, you are asleep at the wheel, I bet you if you checked, you will find Sostene Mi is sluggish and inefficient, and did not follow up.

My ninth point:  The call to impose minimum punishment on sex offenders is wrong, says Hellen v/d Wal. Every judge is capable of making up his own mind and impose the appropriate punishment. If you impose minimum punishment then you’re violating the democratic principle of Trias Politica, keeping the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary branches apart. The judiciary branch has to function independently, the parliament or the legislative branch cannot tell it what to do.

My FINAL point directed at the public: Don’t get angry, because anger exhausts us, then when we spent all our energy, we don’t want to hear anymore, and we shrug our shoulders, defeated. Let’s translate the anger into action, convert the outrage into motion, the energy into steady pressure on the government to put a RESPONSE TEAM together that will investigate the offenses AND start the healing process and the counseling for the victims.

My bonus point: Apparently the team of UNICEF who visited the island to investigate for their annual report “the State of the World Children,” had some remarks concerning Children’s Rights, which were suppressed because we do well in comparison to African and Latin American countries. But because we are part of the kingdom, our kids should enjoy the same rights as kids in the Netherlands, says Hellen v/d Wal, whom I consulted before writing this column.

That said, we feel the parents’ pain and anguish!