It’s been too long. I feel offended as a law-abiding citizen of this country to have this low-life Milanchelo Nelson Antonio Trenidad still walking the streets. The Police should mobilized more resources, organize a never-before man-hunt, and find that needle in our haystack. Aruba is the size of a small village in the Netherlands. How difficult can it possibly be to find someone as colorful and obnoxious as Yellow. You can start by questioning all those stupid adoring females, cooing sweet nothings on his Facebook page. And round up all these other idiots he considers his hood niggas, his bras, his soldiers, his mafia, his OTF’s, Only The Family. Please let me talk to them. I am a mother. I know how to investigate a case, and how to give a thorough third-degree interrogation. We must locate that man, and put him behind bars, so that he understands that his perception as to who rules the streets in mistaken. We really owe it to ourselves to find him, in order to restore our own self-respect. At the 96.5FM radio station yesterday morning, I questioned his crooked, arthritic hands. He is always seen in pictures fingers twisted like pretzels. Then the great DJ Vibe explained to me the Tupac Shakur-wannabe syndrome, that he is flashing the LA WestSide hand-signal, W, with his fingers. Wow, I was astounded, what has that got to do with Aruba? It just seems an empty gesture here, in imitation of another era. I went to his Facebook page motivated by great curiosity. How can one grow up in Aruba in such a sunny, gentle environment, only to become a criminal. And I don’t want to assume the guilt for his growing up, because society is so cruel, or so indifferent. It is not. So how does one grow up here to become a total fuck up? An insecure, loud-mouth wanker with nothing to show but a bad attitude?! I don’t know. But, don’t you think that all that body paint, and the fifteen skull tattoos fooled me. The bravado did not throw me off. I know who you are. A scared little boy, yearning for love and acceptance, going about it with a defiant facial expression, that’s all a cover up, for a tiny wiener, an absent dad, a distracted mom, and fools for friends.