If Jesus can resolve the issues, let him!

On Thursday we went to the cinema to watch a full length movie in Papiamento, Siñami Stimabo, runtime 96 minutes, rating PG, genre Drama/Comedy, starring Sharleen Tromp, Isilda Tromp and Theresa Brathwaite, by director Marilyn L. S. Richardson, an original film, based partly on her life experiences, about two families forced to face the fact that there is nothing real in their reality.

I did not know anything about the movie before going, except that it was a one-woman project and she got it done on a shoe-string budget, on the wings of her passion for story-telling.

I enjoyed the experience, I shed some tears at the predictable moment and I applauded the director for her courage and determination in getting her church-friends together to bring the project to fruition. Some of the movie characters are excellent actors and the rest of the cast including an alcoholic, a grandmother, a kid and a punk, are all doing credible, heartfelt jobs. The music is great, the lyrics too, all original composition by the multi-talented director and her cast, which I met after the show and they’re all on fire, gearing up for the shooting of Siñami Stimabo II.

Ok, the part about the church became clear at the denouement, after the buildup of issues and tensions and scenarios, when the final resolution to the dramatic narrative came, and it was a one size fits all recommendation and it said: Come to Jesus.

It turned out that I was watching a Morality Play, a genre popular since medieval times, where the hero meets many challenges that prompt him to make a decision to choose Godly life over one of evil. It’s one of the earliest forms of theater entertainment, and it work to this day.

So what issues did the film present? Alcoholism, Teen Pregnancy, Gang Life, Infidelity, False Pride, Sexual Abuse, disrespect of parents, all in just two families, in 96 minutes, and they all saw the light at the end, over Christmas dinner, choosing the path for salvation, as propaganda for the church.

And that’s OK with me, because if Jesus can successfully deal with all the ills and evil of today’s reality, then I say: Let Him!