Goats VS Civilization

This week I saw the post of Chef Bas Kuurstra who came up with a delicious goat menu, because the neighborhood goats were destroying his garden. He suggested:  Cabrito Stoba, Sopi di Bestia Chiquito, Funchi cu Keshi Cabrito & Chicharon di Cabrito.

He also said: The Police apparently is powerless against the owner of the goats! If your dog roams the street it’s a problem and they will impound your dog but if the owner of a whole herd of goats just lets them out onto the street intentionally, they can’t do anything about it!

And these animals are destroying our property palm trees and plants in our garden worth close to Awg 500, not to mention the effort that goes into it! I love the sight of a few goats on the street as much as the next person but the owner should definitely be responsible for the damages and the police should do more to stop it!

Then lovely Rosemeurys Jimenez Kuurstra adds: So for anyone who is having trouble with goat-eating-gardens in Boroncana, and you want to find the owner and send him the bill for the damages, he lives in Kurimiao #5, Noord. I’m just sick of it, he needs to be responsible for what his animals do, he has a ranch and needs to keep his beasts inside.

My Two Cents: I have to say that this is an age old battle between primitive goats & civilized men, what I mean is that roaming goats are remnants from the time we were nomads, wandering the face of the earth with a small herd of domesticated animals, for milk, and meat. But we rejected the nomadic life style in favor of agriculture, and now we stay put, in just one spot which we cultivate, and then we can’t stand the goats, destroying the plants we worked so hard to grow.

No fair, not fair. Naty Maduro from Santa Rosa will tell you that the goats are part of this island’s heritage and as such they deserve protection. They live here too. And they are roaming animals, that’s what they do, they need to be walking all day and eating everything they find, that’s in their genetic program. They are curious and willing to eat almost anything, including tin cans and cardboard boxes. Well, at least it looks like it, when they browse for edible materials. So here you have it: Two worlds, crashing, colliding in the garden of Bas and Rosemeurys, tradition against modernism, primitive against civilized.

The late Roger Coster used to say: A goat eats your plants; you have no one to complain to, it has no owners; who are you going to complain to? You hit a goat with your car, all of a sudden it has five different owners, they all show up demanding compensation.

I love the goats, our “wild life,” and I raised the fence around my house twice; the dogs do a good job at barking when a billie goat eyes my bougainvillea.

So please have a heart, we’re suffering from drought, no water, it’s all dry, the goats work very hard to feed themselves.

Finally, I think you are seeing sheep. I recently noticed a good looking herd in Noord but they were sheep. How did I know??? Goats’ tails point to the sky, Sheep’s tails point downward.

BO TWT SA: There are over 300 distinct breeds of goat. Goats are one of the oldest domesticated species; Female goats are referred to as does or nannies, males are bucks, billies, or rams, and babies are kids. Castrated males are wethers, and the meat is called goat or mutton!

And that’s all I know about goats, also that both males and females have beards. Thank you Lord, for not making me a goat!