From Fashion Week to Safety Inspectors and Fun Miles

13076708_1021641944590271_7360526819632838304_nFASHION WEEK COMING IN DECEMBER. The handsome and charming — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — Angel Leon Jr is organizing an Aruba Fashion Week, December 1st to 5th, with 4 days of activities, Thursday to Sunday. The opening event will bring together international and local media, celebrities, top designers and models, and is scheduled to unfold at the Marriott Resort Aruba & Stellaris Casino from 5pm to 9pm, in the lobby and pool area. Day 2 & 3 of AFW 2016 will pack master classes, celebrity interviews, and guest speakers in a colorful Trade Fair, from 10am to 12:30pm at the Ritz Carlton ballroom. The Trade Fair is inviting commercial brands and emerging talents to exhibit, as well as trademark, legal and tax consultants, people who take care of fashion’s business aspects.

In the afternoon of day 2& 3 another Trade Fair at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino promises to pack excitement with booths set up attractively, for buyers and customers. Participants are expected to mingle here show their pieces and in general conduct retail and wholesale business. The room will be set up for a fashion show with seating along the catwalk and bleaches. The runway will be abuzz from 4pm to 12midnight, showing off recent collections in a fashion parade designed to please all viewers and the international media.

Side events of the AFW will included promotional opportunities throughout the week, and for the finale, on Sunday, Renaissance Private Island will play host to participants from 5pm to 9pm, with 600 projected visitors from among elite travelers, premium guests, locals, international and regional media , celebrities, professionals and young professionals. The party on Renaissance Island also includes a two hour sunset sail option.

So mark your calendar. December 1st to 5th. I spoke to local designer Ronchi de Cuba this week, and he is planning on showing a collection.

THE SAFETY INSPECTORS. The Chamber Of Commerce invited the business community to an upcoming lecture about the new regulations about safety inspections for companies. I already wrote about it in the past, on March 5th  At the time, I stated it must be a racket of sort, but the Chamber of Commerce dutifully says: These regulations have been introduced in order to comply with the International Labor Organization (ILO), and according to article 1614x of the Civil Code and the Safety Ordinance (AB 1990 no. GT 33). Blabla. Compliance with these regulations will aim to reduce accidents in the workplace and protect both the employee as well as the employer. Blabla. We said BS then, we say BS now. The lecture is scheduled to May 3rd, 4pm, at KvK Auditorium.

HOW UNFUN ARE MY FUN MILES. I must have been one of the first ones to sign up for Fun Miles, donkey years ago, and I did not remember my pin. I have visited the website in the past, and was unsuccessful in retrieving it, but recently the site became friendlier, and I managed to find out how many Fun Miles I have, a total of 8391, probably worth two tickets to the Soul Beach Festival.  Every once in a while I use my card when a cashier asks for it. At Kooyman, they always do. Yesterday I bought a great quantity of gas vouchers at the Valero gas station in Oranjestad, next to the harbor. It was a big amount, so I took out my Fun Miles card in hope to get some millage out of the purchase. No, said the cashier, you only get Fun Miles, upon redemption of the coupons, which of course won’t happen, because the only reason why one buys gas vouchers is to give them away to other people, capiche? Hence the caption, unfun Fun Miles.