Friends, restaurants, and politics

NEWS FROM HOTELIER ROB SMITH. Rob was promoted to Senior Vice President Operations with Aimbridge Hospitality who now boasts an increasing-in-size resort portfolio and he has been tapped for future assignments as the company continues to grow the number of resorts it manages in the USA including Puerto Rico. Insiders report that it is only a matter of time till the imminent together-again-team joins forces on this Dushi Island!

POST-PARADE BLUES. The area of the Surfside Beach was in dire need of cleaning post-parade last Sunday. Plastic was blowing everywhere, down from the street into the bay. Please help us keep it clean the weekend!

ISLAND HOSPITALITY. I went with friends to CBS, Cos Bon So at Jaburibari on a Sunday night. We were greeted by Buchi, Rochi and Juacho, it doesn’t get any better than that. Apparently the restaurant owners appreciate their incredible Aruban team, serving dushi cuminda crioyo, tur dia. On the menu Boonchi cu Rabo, Sopi Galina, Steak di Weya, Bacalao, Picuda Tempera, Balchi Carni and the house signature dish the whole red snapper, fried with creole sauce. Open from 11am to 9pm

THE HART GALLERY AT THE RITZ CARLTON. I visited the gallery tucked away in the shopping gallery at the Ritz Carlton Aruba, the space is not too big, but it packs a considerable punch. The gallery advertises art for Profit and Pleasure, which means that they carry pieces of excellent commercial value, just in case you are sick and tired to just stuffing your cash into the mattress.

BEST COCKTAIL. I recently had a Lemonade Serenade, at the Hollywood Smokehouse, a craft cocktail created by the restaurant’s creative director and co-owner, Tina Bislick, head bartender Danny van der Linden who won the Iron Bartending title this past October for his Aruba Aloe cocktail, and co-bartender Danvid Webb. It was the best libation I have ever had. And I am not the only one who liked it. The craft cocktail will be served at a destination wedding on the beach next June, booked by a bride with a passion for originality. The restaurant team will be setting up on the beach and shaking it off premises, for the pleasure of the romantic wedding guests. Cocktail ingredients include fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, sliced and muddled cucumber, Tito’s Vodka, ginger soda or ginger beer and fresh basil for garnish. Served in a rocks glass, the drink may be ordered as a bar special at the Hollywood Smokehouse, Alhambra Casino & Shops.

PRINTING A BANK STATEMENT. I have been experiencing difficulties printing RBC bank statements since November. Net banking simply refused to do it. I called the bank, I wrote, I visited four times. Finally in late January, Prisca suggested a cure. And it worked. It’s a pity it took two months of inquiries, and a number of trips to both the main branch and Noord, to alleviate my stress.

FORMER MINISTER NILO SWAEN MIGHT BE KICKING INTO GEAR. I met the former minister looking rested and fabulous, having coffee at Juan Valdez. I am rested indeed, he said, and am considering to perhaps re-enter the political arena.  The way I see it now, MEP had it easy at the time, as a caretaking government, things were nice and slow in comparison to the 2016, current, full-steam-ahead, and frenzied economic effort.