Fleas, Ticks, Satellites and Chicken

NEW FLEA & TICK MEDICATION. An edible pill called NexGard was just made available by the makers of FrontLine, yes, a beef-flavored soft chew, that gives our friends-on-four protection for at least 30 days. I just tried it. Expensive, but if it really works, I am all for it, because we have been plagued by small ticks lately, and the conventional methods did not yield the expected results. The pill comes in several sizes according to your dog’s weight. NexGard is only for dogs, sorry, not for cats.

SATELLITE DISH RECYCLING. So, what are you planning to do with your unwanted satellite dish? The one you no longer use? Will you just let it rot away in the yard or on your roof? It‘s fiberglass, it is not going away. It will outlive you. Faced with the dilemma, I asked my handyman to take it down and then he suggested turning it into a saucer planter, for Magdalenas. I will show you a picture when it’s done. Satellite dishes became obsolete just recently, because I still used mine until last year, with some black box containing a mysterious chip, but then Netflix introduced a subscription service and I was off to a new adventure. Friends have been downloading movies for years, but I swore by my Galaxy 1, then Galaxy 5 with which I had a nightly relationship since 1983, when my first satellite dish arrived at the back yard. It was humongous. It was also illegal and for many years the US regularly sent federal investigators to Aruba to try and curb our appetite for American TV. It was a cat and mouse game at the time. Satellite dish companies cracked HBO’s codes, distributed them widely charging a handsome amount, then HBO fought back by arming their signal with a super-duper code, which was eventually cracked, and so it went on for over 30 years, with black boxes, chips and codes. It was a full time job to maintain the household’s passion for the Love Boat, Miami Vice and later the Larry Sanders show. So that’s where I am. The dish is now a planter!

GARI & WASABI, ARE OLD FAVORITES. On Sunday evening we attempted to have light dinner in PJs, meaning casual, at Bingo! Café in Noord. We couldn’t get in, the place was heaving, every chair occupied every table taken, as if they are dishing it out free of charge; the Dutch community was out in big numbers. So we went next door to Gari & Wasabi and enjoyed a fantastic seafood ceviche with octopus and a superb salmon tartar. I guess we were in the mood for seafood. Andrea welcomed us into the dining room, and made sure we’re having a great time. Gari & Wasabi has been around for a while, and I am glad we reconnected. We will stay in touch frequently!

FANTASTIC COOKIES AT FANTASTIC GARDENS. Carito’s Bakery opened sometimes in early December within the famed nursery in Bushiri. I stopped for a cappuccino there yesterday, remember I had the satellite-turned-into-planter project and I needed to pick up supplies. Once there I tasted the Blondies a relative of the Brownies. Wow. Hands down one of the best cookies I have ever had. Also the cream filled carrot cake cookie which was spectacular. The cayena cookie, and the pumpkin bread, both looked at me, but I did not look back. The sandwiches are made with artisanal milk bread, and they sell out fast, says Margaret Wever, who can be found at the café certain hours every week. A talented writer and a born newspaper reporter, Margaret is taking a break from the media, which has become very political, she says. She makes great coffee and the conversation is always interesting! Remember the little café where Pastries equal Happiness, on your next drive via Bushiri. #YoucraveitWebakeit

BETWEEN US, CHICKEN. Did the broiled chickens, Gallus gallus domesticus, just shrink in half or is it my imagination. The price stayed the same so how is it possible that a three-pound broiler is all of a sudden half its size? We should not eat broilers anyway, because they are bred for increased breast muscle, which means that their centre of gravity moves forward and that their breasts are broader compared with regular chicken, which affects the way they walk, and puts incredible stress on their hips and legs. Poor broilers. So perhaps Price Smart stopped using broilers for humanitarian reasons, and what I saw in the plastic box was just a plain backyard bird?

READY TO RETIRE? NO WAY. John Grigg has been the Director of Food & Beverage at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino since 2004, in charge of popular eateries such as the Aquarius buffet and the L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House, among others. That’s longevity for you. Prior to the he worked at the Bucuti Beach Resort for almost five years, at the time when Tara beach Resort was being built. The man is a keeper. But he is ready to make career changes he says, relinquishing his position at F&B in favor of transitioning into the accounting department, into perhaps a tad less stressful post, where he will undertake different out of the box projects. Married to firecracker Glenny Grigg, she works at the Ritz Carlton Aruba, John doesn’t expect to slow down, he is just changing gears, he says!