Ecotech, an unofficial update on turning Waste to Gas

I finally have some good news about waste. It’s not confirmed, but you know what I always say, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Last week, an excellent source leaked, that Aruba’s water and electric plant already has some generators hooked up to gas, produced in Aruba by EcoGas, from waste. Heartfelt applause. Fireworks. We’re proud.

The process is a bit behind schedule but it is coming, one unit is already operational at the gasification plant and two more will come on line soon.

That means that in perhaps 6 month, Aruba will produced good volume and good quality alternative fuel, to stoke its WEB generations, supplying us with water and electricity, and when everything is said and done, 35% of Aruba’s waste with morph into a reasonably-priced source of alternative energy!

We could partially kiss the dump adios.

So, why is no one touting a horn?

For fear of the evil eye! If they brag about it, the process might be jinxed. So easy does it, let’s them get it right, this time. There have been a few attempts in the past that failed, but perseverance, blood, sweat and tears prevailed.

So why are they behind schedule?

Basically, because WE never learned to separate our trash. Yes, WE, as in the citizens of the island, we never wanted to be bothered by recycling, at least that is the perception of our government, hence, THEY never asked US to separate glass, paper, metal and aluminum from household waste.

So the whole kit and caboodle went to the dump.

Then Meta Corp got interested in gasification. They were already collecting commercial and domestic waste, and were already PAYING Serlimar a tipping fee per ton, to get rid of it.  For the record: Serlimar only allowed it to accumulate and then set it on fire.

Naturally, in order to gasify, you must first separate the gook, and remove the non-gasifiable materials: Metal, Sand, Glass and Cardboard. What’s left can be shredded, compressed, bailed and gasified, providing it is high quality waste, with a high caloric value.

So Meta Corp built a WSP, waste separation or sorting plant, which can now voraciously go through 100% of the island’s trash.

The WSP is up and running, partially, because Serlimar is holding on to its precious garbage, like it’s gold. Meta Corp and Serlimar still have to agree on the terms of waste delivery for sorting and gasification, and that will eventually provide WEB with low cost fuel.

For now, all of Ecotech waste is sorted, then the suitable stuff gasified, and WEB is already using it. Tada.

When the two more gasifying units come on line, Serlimar better hand over that trash! Because what Ecotech can produce will cost WEB less money, and will provide a solution for Serlimar, a poorly organized, inefficient, bureaucratic and non productive government agency.