Congratulations Speed; A Great Stealable Idea; Welcome MonFort III

GOOD JOB SPEED. I had no time to formulate an article about the thoroughly entertaining Nelson Speed Andrade VS. MinTour heavy weight boxing bout, but I will tomorrow. Meanwhile I would like to congratulate Speed on being fired from an ungrateful job, this is the beginning of your new life, celebrate, it’s not like you are unemployed, you still work for the MinPres, don’t you?!

GREAT IDEA, FEEL FREE TO STEAL IT. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility at Proskauer, an international law firm, Jeans Day on Friday became Casual Day for a Cause, on which associates dress down, wearing casual clothes to the office, providing they make a donation to a different foundation each week. On Tuesday this week, Proskauer made an unexpected donation to the Julien Collot Foundation, with the pledge to share the cause with their 8 U.S. offices. Wendy H. Dessy called to announce the donation, on behalf of her organization, following on her son’s Jay tip that it was a worthwhile cause.  Julien Collot, “the most amazing boy in the world,” a resident of Chatham NJ, loved vacationing in Aruba with the Cannon & Collot families, who are many time repeat guests of the island and own timeshare vacation weeks at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino and at Paradise Beach Villas. Julien passed away on Friday, January 21, 2011, at the age of 8, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, NY.  If measured in years, his life was too short, yet he has touched, inspired and influenced more people than most could hope for during a full life span. The Julien Collot Foundation, which was founded in 2007 in honor of “Ju Ju,” is dedicated to funding research and trials for pediatric cancers and to assist affected families in need. So….how about starting Casual Day for a Cause, on Friday, within your organization, you’d be surprised how much money you could raise and how much difference you could make.

EXCLUSIVE MONFORTE III HAS ARRIVED. We were invited to a cocktail party on the new luxury Pelican Adventures boat, a teak vessel, which just arrived on the island from Brazil. We were not alone, the MinPres, the MinInfra and the MinLabour joined us for a short time just before heading to Fort Zoutman for the Aruba Dushi Tera, new anthem recording debut. We were treated to elegant champagne flutes and seafood nibbles, and admired the beautifully outfitted, latest addition to Aruba’s sailing options, the MonFort III.

Having been rebuilt and modified in Brazil, when the boat was ready for its maiden voyage to Aruba, Martin Molina and a handful of crew members flew down, ready to sail the vessel to it new home. Mid-way, exhausted, they asked a few more crew members to join the trip on the high seas, including son Dylan Molina, to help bring the new baby home. She’s big, she’s gorgeous and she kept the crew busy around the clock, until she finally sailed into the Oranjestad harbor.

The MonForte III with lots of deck space and shade, and a huge mortar and pestle for freshly crushed caipirineas, will be offering luxury sit-down dinner cruises for about 10 couples nightly, and exclusive day trip to the Spanish Lagoon with snorkeling, lunch and libations. The emphasis is on exclusive, few people, VIP service, premium bar, freshly grilled lobster, dolce vita all the way.

Aruba’s elder statesman Oscar Henriquez, was on board with his daughter Tisa Lasorte, Oscar started Pelican Adventures in 1994, and the family owned and run company offers seaside dining, Catamaran sailing trips, and scuba.