Chef Urvin Croes moving his restaurant concept to Gold Coast Residence

White Modern Cuisine was introduced at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall in February of 2012 and we have enjoyed some great meals there for the past four years. No more. The restaurant closed at the end of April, and will be relocating to the Club House of Gold Coast Residence within the next few weeks.

The chef cites a disappointing high-season in the winter of 2016, combined with other unfortunate factors as reasons for the relocation, but he is grateful for the four wonderful years, and the opportunities he enjoyed on Palm Beach. In his new spot at Gold Coast Residence, White will be more family-friendly, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and thus attractive to a bigger segment of the market.

When the chef first created his all-white contemporary eatery he promoted many new concepts, at least new to Aruba, including the Farm to Table movement, the foraging for edible weeds, craft cocktails, molecular gastronomy, micro cuisine, and the fact that dainty tweezers replaced the bulky tongs as the kitchen’s handiest tool.

The creative and innovative Aruban-born Chef and his colorful and dynamic family including a super-woman support system, his wife Mary Ann Werleman, instantly became the media darlings, and the Aruba Tourism Authority showcased the culinary artists of White Modern Cuisine at every opportunity.

But the second floor location of the Palm Beach Plaza Mall did not deliver, neither did the economy. So as a strategic realignment, the chef is moving his tweezers to the just-finished club house of Gold Coast Residence, where his rent will probably be more manageable, in view of the fact that his uncle is the real estate developer.

The White Modern Cuisine menu will live on, in a new location, and Urvin will continue to teach his kitchen crew every secret of the trade, because that is also part of his mission, developing young and eager culinary talents on the island.

Urvin, your local followers will remain your local followers wherever you go!