Bells on Bikes

The other day I was walking in the morning, on the edge of the boulevard on my way back from Arashi, and whoosh, a bicycle rolled by me, 20 cm away, and took me by surprise, it was so quiet, if I had stretched, or extending my arm spontaneously, the rider would have her neck yanked and my arm clobbered. I hardly recuperated from that surprise encounter when another bike rolled by stealthily, too close for comfort.


Why don’t bicycles have bells anymore. You should have them installed and warn pedestrians you are coming. True, I was walking on the right hand side of the road, I should have been on the left with my face to oncoming traffic, but that happens frequently in Malmok that exercises walk/run back and forth on the ocean side.

Bike riders: Pedestrians are unpredictable, they can change their course, decide to cross the street, then cause your crash, ring that goddamn bell, as a warning.