BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 6th, 2015

RARE FORM OF AUTISM DETECTED IN ARUBA’S PARLIAMENT. I heard yesterday, or maybe it was the day before yesterday, that Parliament decided NOT to reform our car license plate system, the way we previously heard it would be reformed. The plan to piggyback car license plate fees, on our gasoline purchases meant that those travelling longer and further will pay more, i.e., the residents of San Nicholas who work on Palm Beach will be carrying a larger burden than the residents of Oranjestad working at the same place, because of their less-frequent gasoline purchases. And how they planned to tie in insurance coverage, remained a mystery. According to me, no insurance, no license plates, the two must go together, by law. So, the whoosh of the pedaling backwards on that plan was audible, letting us wonder what’s gonna happen when January comes around. In any case, this wasteful system of new metal license plates every year, gotta stop, even if it means a decline in sales for Retraco, the company manufacturing the plates.  I also hear the whoosh of pedaling backwards regarding the Government’s decision to remove the prohibition of fixed-term contracts. Another reform nixed. Parliament is getting cold feet, and temporary contracts will not be implement, contrary to the recommendations of the hotel sector. The hoteliers, truly wish to implement fixed term contracts, to be able to hire people temporarily at peak times, without having to offer them full time employment. With fixed term contracts you may hire a temp to help you over the hump in high season. Many will benefit for the arrangement, especially the very young and inexperienced and people on pension, who would still like o work on a project, or a special assignment. The hoteliers must be totally disappointed and frustrated having spent so much time, building their case, and hearing that it will probably not go through for fear of the labor unions. Hello: You should never govern for fear of the voter, because then, the voter has you by the balls. You should do what’s right for the country, and listen to BOTH sides, workers and employers. Which brings me to the conclusion that they are all a bit autistic, suffering from a rare form of “me-not-want-to-listen-to-you!” Taxation without representation had sparked many revolutions throughout history, from the Boston Tea Party, to the French Revolution, you cannot tax citizens and ignore their requests.  No Taxation Without Representation was the slogan that started the American Revolution, and going back even further, the Egyptian Pharaoh, suffering from a similar stubborn heart,  did not listen to Moses either, and look what happened to him.