BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 3rd, 2015

PRICESMART IS AN EXPERIENCE. I occasionally visit Price-Not-So-Smart and am always entertained by the sign hanging by the exit door, stating that the shop ticks off items on shopping receipts for consumers’ protection, to verify we weren’t overcharged. Really?! Who are you kiddin’. That checkpoint clearly sends a message out that you don’t trust your customers, but for the sake of this blurb, let’s pretend you do! Anyway, we all tolerate the humiliation at the door, because the store does offer some decent deals, and now that I know that Satesh Vreeswijk works there, I feel better about their electronic department. Back to today’s visit, and its highlight: My visit to the toilet. The store had just installed three-in-one sinks, with faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers, all incorporated into single ugly and efficient units. They work well. Another highlight is the fact that the store sends shoppers on their merry way without packing their groceries in plastic. Bless you for that. Evidently, the store has some smart aspects to it. While there, I tried to secure an extra card for son #1, but due to a myriad of complicated, bureaucratic, rules and regulations, I couldn’t just charge it my own account, I had to open a second one, ‘cause you cannot have more than two cards per membership, unless you are a company, presenting your KVK registration to the clerk. For the life of me, why would you make it so difficult to obtain another card? Another card means another shopper. No? And now that we’re already talking, how do they manage to make giant pizza pies for just Awg 20, while other places charge so much more? We ordered our pizza, and waited for a long time. The numbering system was stuck on 60. Finally, motivated by hunger we asked. Well, apparently it’s been ready for ages, and they called, but without a PA system, we did not hear. Please don’t tell anyone I had a piece of that undercooked wonder, I am not proud of it, but hunger drives one to desperate acts.
CATERING IS EASY. What makes a great party? The right mix of people, location, drinks, music and food. Most importantly, if the host enjoys his/her own party, then it’s a good one! For a recent festive occasion I asked Chef Ludwig Samson, No Limit Catering, to make a Chili, and he offered to make it with turkey, as a healthier option. He delivered at the designated hour, a huge pot, escorted by a Tex-Mex vegetable salad and sour cream. I ordered for thirty, and he delivered generously! It tasted fantastic. Then the Hollywood Smokehouse delivered its signature smoked brisket and smoked pork, smoked sausage too, that was a hit, with traditional coleslaw and potato salad, in super generous portions. My friends are still talking about it, asking me for recipes, as if I had anything to do with food preparation. I didn’t. I just paid, reasonably for it. Totally recommended.