BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 25th, 2015

ARUBA TOURISM AUTHORITY FETES THE CONVENTION BUREAU. A fun One Happy Celebration, at the Hyatt Regency brought ATA personalities and key-players of Aruba’s MICE market together for one entertaining afternoon. Our local Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions specialists, the good folks who host the island’s group business, celebrated 20 years of success, with a content-packed agenda. The MICE market is a lucrative one because the promise of an all expenses paid trip to Aruba serves as a motivational tool, in sales, and group members who come here get wined and dined because they performed above and beyond, helping make their employers rich. So, basically the premise of the MICE theory is: If you bust your ass for us, we’ll blow you away with deluxe arrangements and amazing events on the island. Sounds good, and it works. Among the afternoon’s highlights, speaker Luis Pineda, a Mexican-born corporate trainer with a very long resume, who examined the concept of HAPPINESS, as in One Happy Island. Happiness, he explained was a strategic tool designed to improve performance in the workplace with the implementation of positive-psychology principles. He called that tool PERMA, and outlined each component, starting with Positive Emotions, then adding Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments. So basically you will be truly happy if you think fondly about your profession, are fully involved and focused, have solid, reliable relationships, infused with meaningful activities, and blessed with accomplishments. And you gotta have all five in order to be veritably content!  The evening also included a panel discussion with some of the titans of the MICE industry, Wichita Villacres, a tiger, not a mouse, Geraldine Coutinho, the quiet voice of experience, Lisette Malmberg, the reformer of nations, Myrna Jansen,  the elder statesman, and Jerusha Rasmijn, the lovely diva, at the head of the Convention Bureau. Lisette talked a bit too long, but I think it only seemed that way because the other speakers were so short and snappy, and Wichita kept is real, stating how penny-conscious clients have become, and that it is increasingly tough to make a living. Kudos to Sanju Luidens Daryanani for an excellent historical overview of this island’s love affair with group marketing! Congratulations to the amazing Myrna Jansen for her well-deserved, Visionary Excellence Award. And it’s always nice to remember Simon Oduber who believed in group business to the island.

LITTLE SWITZERLAND IN THE NEWS. Following a 10-week radical transformation, the Little Switzerland flagship store at Royal Plaza is ready for the gift-buying season and the holidays. The store conducted a press conference this week to announce its November 28th all day party, with a Christmas Stocking Promotion. The general public is invited. The store now boasts numerous boutiques within the store as each brand got its own space, and its distinctly different presentation. World class watches such as Carl F. Bucherer, Omega and Breitling, enjoy their unique identity, in a premium store location, opposite watch collections by Federique Constant, Movado, Blume & Mercier, Michael Kors and the super popular Swiss made TAG Heuer, with its Don’t Crack Under Pressure ambassadors, Tom Brady and Cara Delevingne.  World famous jewelry lines by Roberto Coin, Swarovski, Lagos, John Hardy, Marco Bicego, and Rebecca display their beautiful wares from nicely lit and beautifully crafted showcases, while the heart of the store is occupied by a Diamond Bar, no explanation required, you know what to do, when the time come!  Celebrating its 60th anniversary, with thirty-four stores around the globe Little Switzerland stocks many temptations, all hard to resist.