BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 1st, 2015

NEW RESTAURANT OVERLOOKING EAGLE BEACH. The restaurant with the best view on the island just opened on Eagle beach at the Paradise Beach Resort. The chef, a woman, Domenica Baroncini, also known as Mama Mimma, runs La Terrazza Italiana, and serves genuine Italian fare. Many of the guests also know her from her main street location, Pizza & More, Pizzeria & Trattoria Italiana. Freddy Albertus and Andy Osborne, on the management team of Paradise Beach Villas have been pursuing Mimma for a long time, asking her to take a chance on the terrace. The place has a unique charm, boasting a large round bar, and an open kitchen, the sunsets are divine, but if you come straight from the shower the wind will get a chance to dry you hair for you in two minutes flat! At Mimma’s birthday party two weeks ago, many local friends showed their appreciation for her kindness AND her cooking among them fellow-Italian Favio Lucchi, Gerard Halley, Christian Mongellaz and Tabitha Fecunda. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Sunday Closed, Phone 587 4000 ext 327.

AZIA, HAIR & COSMOPOLITANS. Joseph Cuozzo, who runs Cuozzo Studio for Hair, at Cayena Mall, invited his clients and their friends for a Premier Hair and Fashion Show at Azia Restaurant & Lounge. We showed up on time looking fabulous. The place was stylishly set up with the long marble community table doubling up as runway. The show featured crazy hair and crazy fashions, and when I say crazy I mean it as a compliment, there was a lot going on, especially in the hair department starring Joseph, the color specialist and his wife Tonya, the stylist. The models, perhaps two dozen of them, and I recognized local stars Nabilach De Palm and Jenna Silver, paraded gorgeous swimwear, evening and resort wear with  Jewelry by Rage Silver. I loved one severely cut purple bob, one ethnic goddess, one angel with loose blonde curls, hair pulled back high, hair braided, worn down, highlighted, low-lighted, with ombre, with sombre, steelwooly, freezy-fuzzy, and looking like cobweb, in instamatic muted mauve! Models featured a variety of tresses reminiscent of classics, from Rapunzel and Cruella Deville to sexy school teacher. I told you there was a lot going on. Gorgeous makeup, great music and the cute emcee, contributed greatly to that special moment in time when Joseph got sentimental, he got teary eyed, telling the audience how he took a leap of faith, and opened a salon in Aruba. Casper van Keulen, had the most difficult job, helping the models up and down the runway, avoiding spills and glitches. A few Cosmopolitans later, all on Joseph’s tab, thank-you, we went home with the decision to get Jacqueline Suttle’s sassy stacked layers, but in gray, by Wella, naturally!