BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 18th, 2015


Written on APRIL 8TH, 2013

THE SELF-PROCLAIMED AND SELF SERVING BEST OF ARUBA™ AWARDS. I recently ran into the ever-charming and ever-calculating Yenny Dominguez who is launching ARUBA’S OFFICIAL BUSINESS AWARDS these days. Basically the enterprising sales lady – she was after all trained by the Marriott Vacation Club – started a program in which everyone is asked to pay for their so-called business excellence award, there is no legitimate competition or a set of standards to meet. If you have the spare $6,000 in your pocket you may place the plastic sticker BEST Real Estate or Best Cuisine on your door; you will also be invited to party at Tierra del Sol, at the end of April. If you don’t have the money, tough luck, even if you’re running an excellent establishment, you’re out! When people can buy the-best-of-this or best-of-other titles, and there is no due process, no jury, no judges, no Gold Standards to uphold, you can safely say that the program was designed to solely support its managing director. In the real world, Best Student, or for example Best Movie titles have to be earned, not bought! It’s a good idea of course, when introduced by the Chamber of Commerce, it’s a scam when the title in empty, and all you have to do is write a check!

Written on JUNE 9th, 2014

THE SELF-PROCLAIMED AND SELF SERVING BEST OF ARUBA™ AWARDS II. In April of last year I wrote about the For Sale Awards, masquerading as real, with no due process, no jury, no judges, no Gold Standards to uphold. They’re back in June, a bit late but nevertheless I congratulate the shrewd and determined business people behind the scheme for having the chutzpah to do it again. This time they are masquerading as having altruistic purposes, they claim to recognize those who have worked hard, blah blah, those who have served the country, blah blah, those who have served our people, blah blah blah, and by the way, buy an ad in our cut and paste catalogue on shiny paper to maintain the recognition year around. I trust that the public is not fooled by the not-for-profit talk. Businesspeople are in business to make money, there is no shame in that, but as consumers they expect the delivery of a good product, and I hope the award organization improved its product this year, infused it with solid, relevant content, not just hoopla, hair, nails and a short dress.

Written on November 17th, 2015

THE SELF-PROCLAIMED AND SELF SERVING BEST OF ARUBA™ AWARDS III. OMG, they are doing it again. This year’s twist is a so called online voting process, and I noticed a number of local organizations who got sold on the concept, are soliciting votes to support their award candidacy. I also heard more than once that organizers are circulating thank you e-mails expressing gratitude for voting to individuals who never voted for anything in their life. So, as I mentioned, there is an added voting element, and a chance to win a trip to Cuba, and a second year partnership with the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, who hosted the extra drawn-out and extra boring party last year. And despite of numerous meetings with the mall’s marketing man Ishwar Daryanani, some things remain the same: The magazine is late from the printer, it’s printed in very small quantities, it’s a cut and paste catalog on shiny paper, hardly a magazine at all, and best of all, you gotta show the publisher your money, before you’re allowed to hang the 2 cent plastic sticker at your door.