BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 11th, 2015

ECO CONSCIOUS FRIENDS, GATHER AROUND. The Aruba Marine Park Foundation, a not for profit organization, is hosting a Sundown Lionfish and Wine Tasting on Sunday November 29th, from 7pm – 10pm at Nos Clubhuis, Hadicurari, to increase awareness of the Lionfish invasion which is depleting our reefs and endangering our local fish. This year superstar chef Erwin Husken is rumored to be one of the chefs providing a selection of Lion Fish Tastings. E Sushi Shap chef, red-haired wonder Andriani Geerman, will be a returning favorite. The event is also co–sponsored by Aruba Wine and Dine, with the island’s Marine Biologist Byron Boekhoudt, on hand to outline the foundation’s efforts to keep reefs healthy. Most importantly, the wine pairing is courtesy of Romar Trading, and wine artist Clive Faustin!  It sold out fast last year, so get your tickets early at the Jolly Pirates shop. Chief promoter Carla Cavallaro promises a wonderful sunset to paint the sky all colors imaginable, on the festive occasion.

THE SKYFALL AGENCY. Former Funchi Gal, on-the-go Amy Richards, updated me this week on her adventures. She says she is no longer active in the cooking and blogging scene, but she has been focusing on the arts, managing a unique type of talent resource called the SkyFall Agency, recruiting local artists in order to create a witty and fresh, new TV show. I understand that the island’s crazy comedian and slapstick genius Gilmher Croes, is part of the show’s artistic lineup. Amy is also participating in a young entrepreneur contest, by the Jaycees, at the end of the month, where she will make a presentation to some serious movers and shakers in the business world, to see if she can win endorsement for SkyFall. The talent agency was born when Amy met Aaron Croes, of Extreme Machines, the video and photography wiz. Together they talked about a synergy of entertainment and technology, creating a one-stop-shop for musicians, singers, photographers, drone-nographers, videographers, graphic designers, actors, and singers. We’re sometimes asked, where did you find these people, so talented, so versatile, and we always say, they just fell from the sky, hence SkyFall agency! Check them out on YouTube. On a personal note Amy is still juggling her university education, motherhood, a singing career and a full time job: Being an artist myself, she says, I’m really interested in creating a platform for locals and promoting it through social media/TV/radio. Talk to Amy & Aaron about your artistic aspirations, they can help make you famous!

DELICIOUS DINNER & WINE. Attention foodies: Duckhorn Wine Company is orchestrating an exciting wine dinner, hosted by International Sales Director and Wine Expert, Brian Bostwick, at the Sunset Grille, November 12th 7pm, Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino. Scallops, Rack of Lamb, Filet Mignon, Dark Chocolate, all four important food groups, in one sitting, you cannot afford to miss this, the Sunset Grille is worth a return visit. Reservations can be made at Pepia Est, Raymond Kok, #730 9975.