BATI BLEKI BUZZ, December 3rd, 2015

A REPORT FROM THE FRONT. I took a number at 12noon, says one of my friends, a reporter at heart, at ELMAR, Hato.  I pulled out number 114, while they were busy handling number 6, so 108 people ahead of me. My turn finally came at 2.40pm, and mind you, I was not late paying a bill, I was transferring a meter. The current system requires you to just stick around, otherwise you miss your turn, and take another number, wait another 3 hours … ELMAR had 3 cashiers working, but at lunch time, they naturally took turns to eat, and then there were only two cashiers left. At a certain moment when one of them had to go to the bathroom, there was just ONE, in charge of the restless mob. Overall it is a very unfair system: We dutifully took the meter reading, so the lessee would be charged for electricity up to his departure day … NOPE, they changed that too … an Elmar employee must swing by the address perhaps 3, 4 or 5 days later to check the electric meter… so if the pool pump keeps working … too bad…the lessee has to pay for those days as well … albeit he did not live in that house anymore … Turn the pump off, said the ELMAR cashier … hahaha … well, you know what happens to a pool when its pump is turned off… but who cares these are first-world problems … So because of the way the mop flops, you have to line up, regardless of your issue, no distinction between late payment and meter transfer, just take a number and WAIT. QUESTION: Why can’t all of that be done on line??

HACCEP 101. Chef Orlin Geerman, in charge of the culinary kitchen program at EPB, now also oversees the HACCP practices of the kitchen crew at the Hollywood Smokehouse, Alhambra Casino & Shops. The chef knows most of them very well, from the time they were his students at EPB, and he agreed to drop in on a random basis to inspect the kitchen, making sure his former students still remember what he taught them regarding the food safety system. HACCP in restaurants, hazard analysis and critical control points, is achieved through the control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, which derive from raw food material production, procurement and handling with the goal of serving an excellent, totally safe, finished product for consumption. Chef Geerman’s unannounced kitchen inspections are a great way to keep everybody on their toes, with their knowledge of food safety refreshed and up to date, explain owners Mike & Tina Bislick. The Chef who runs a tight ship in the EPB school kitchen, is the perfect candidate for the job. Respected and revered at school for his no nonsense approach and his insistence on discipline under all circumstance, he now provides an important service to the Hollywood Smokehouse. “We’re very pleased to have him as our inspector,” Tina continues, “because an ounce of ongoing prevention is better than a pound of occasional cure.”

NEW ROAD.  I took a drive on the fresh asphalt, it felt smooth. I have been waiting for that black strip since 1996, when I worked as Director of Marketing at the Royal Cabana Casino, and we were convinced the road is coming in a matter of days. So driving on it this week felt as if it’s always been there. I am talking about the portion of the road from the Sasaki roundabout to the Eagle Beach Boulevard, and the Trop Casino driveway, which were inaugurated on Friday, by MinJust, in the presence of the Tropicana Aruba Resort & Casino general manager Richard Roy, Dirk Uildriks, of Eljo Constructions, and several resort employees, as reported by Jacky Filiciana, Executive Administrative Assistant, who says the opening of this new road makes access to the Tropicana easier.