BATI BLEKI BUZZ, November 8th, 2015

CARITO BAKERY OPENING AT FANTASTIC GARDENS. Grace Maduro recently told me that Carito’s Bakery is opening within the building of the famed nursery in Bushiri, with an added garden terrace. Carito’s Bakery is  already a sweet spot in Oranjestad, where Pastries equal Happiness. Apparently, they are passionate about creating delicious baked goods that are beautiful and unique, thus true to their slogan, You Crave It, We Bake It, they will create sinful desserts, worth the calories, for Carito’s new Garden Café, at Fantastic Gardens. If you happen to visit FG these days, the existing café is closed until November 26th. Then on the 27th  for opening day, Farilene Croes,  is orchestrating a Christmas-themed party. And, remember that FG always has the best Christmas trees, so go early, to get one. And yes, in answer to your many questions, the alpha pair, Grace and Roy, are divorced, Grace is taking care of business, Roy is living in Panama, gardening and cooking?  #YoucraveitWebakeit