I went on the website, and in spite of the fact that I am technologically impaired, managed to peruse all jobs available for volunteers on Friday 3/11 and Saturday 3/12. Finally, I found a perfect job for me, photography! Imagine, they needed a volunteer photographer from 8am to 5pm. That job had my name all over it. So I signed up on line and also called Mariëlle Hoeijmakers, whose name was listed on the “job application,” as coordinator

ARUBA DOET 2016, is the fourth edition of the grass root, volunteer event, taking place on Friday, March 11th & Saturday 12th. Organized by CEDE Aruba in cooperation with Oranje Fonds, it’s the largest volunteer event on the island. Should you also want to participate as a volunteer, sign up today and help a social organization or a good cause together with friends or colleagues, your school or company. Yes, you may sign up as an individual or as a company. Whether you help painting, repairing playgrounds or spoil a group of elderly, you will always have fun!

This year, 155 projects registered to receive help and 1,684 volunteers rose to the challenge, including me!

Aruba Doet: Caya Appeldam 2, Aruba, tel: (+297)5827666 / (+297)7342305, fax: (+297)5839076,

website: www.arubadoet.comfacebook: