An Aruban in Puerto Rico, a full report

One of my friends reports: So what I am impressed with here…not ONE stray dog have we seen.  Not a single one and over the past days we have driven the entire north coast from past El Yunque all the way to the other side rounding the corner to Aguadilla.  We have been in towns…villages…countryside…poverty areas…not a single stray dog with the exception of 3 dogs that were for sure owned but hanging out at the Bio Bay where food trucks and stands line up to feed hungry kayakers.  They looked very healthy and were friendly. The only strays are the cats in old San Juan but after noticing a clipped ear on them we found out that means they have been sterilized and released back into the area and they are fed by local shop keepers.

Other lessons Aruba can learn from Puerto Rico: Parks everywhere and not just in tourist areas but everywhere and very well maintained. Also the schools…whether Catholic or public they all look so well maintained and complete. And zero trash…anywhere…these people take pride in their island and don’t dump crap all over the place and like I said we were all over the island and not just in tourists areas…I am sure the US and their strict littering fines help keep people from dumping their crap but also I just think it’s ingrained in the culture now to maintain their neighborhoods and towns. All this despite the financial crisis here which was really not of their own doing but a bonds and bankers scam, which you already know. And they manage to maintain parks and schools and roads with much less tax cost to the people than what we are burdened with in Aruba Also…Aruba thinks they have the lock on the friendliness angle…wrong wrong worng. Everywhere we went again whether tourist areas or not everyone was very friendly and engaged. Super helpful…and seemed innately in tune to recognizing when we were lost or confused and we didn’t have to ask for help they jumped in and offered assistance, most importantly, we felt safe and at ease the whole time.

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