AIRPORT HOTEL. I heard from friends that there’s a Hyatt Place coming, in Wayaca across the airport. The same friends report that the developer also wants to build a car rental center on the same property and is talking to AAA about relocating all car rental agencies to his building. That’s a fantastic source of income for the developer. We encourage private initiatives, but please make sure that the urban planners who built the Miami Car Rental Center never hear about the bid to construct one in Aruba. They messed up Miami, Aruba doesn’t need their help. We have never seen an unsuccessful airport hotel, they all do well, with a skeleton staff, designed to please business travelers with basic needs, for 2 or 3 nights at a time. On a personal note, I‘d rather stay at Renaissance in town as a business traveler, combining work with rest and recreation, but if the rate is right, the Hyatt Place will scoop its share of business up.

PARKING METERS IN THE HIGH RISE AREA. If it’s true what they say, then paid parking will be enforced in the hotel area, by the end of January, 2016. My question? Where will the non-hotel staff park? The ones who work in retail, restaurants, and in the malls. Please think about it before you roll out the program. The required Awg 70 monthly fee for parking a clunker, is a heavy burden for little people making a 2k or 2.5k paychecks every month. The average worker will have trouble coughing up the cash. Also, good to keep in mind that while I like the availability of parking spots in Oranjestad, retail experienced a 30% drop in sales. Is that not a lesson? If you’re a small entrepreneur, you wouldn’t know what to do with this huge decline, except cry?! So while we support taking the parked old clunkers off the sides of the road on Palm Beach, you must also include them in the grand scheme of things, and perhaps prepare a decent parking facility for area workers, before inconveniencing the public.