Adult Education

I recently visited Doc Opleidingen+ on Koningstraat 78-3, right next to Delta Blue, in Oranjestad. I went to visit Fritz Israel who together with Geeta Khemlani runs the show at the center for adult education. The idea is to “Lead by Learning,” and they offer evening education, trainings and workshops in different areas such as Finance, Economics, Insurance, Banking, Marketing, Medical Specialization, Legal Specialization, Office Management, and interactive course from Public Speaking to Meeting Skills, Conflict Resolution & Corporate Governance, which I wish all of our politicians, would take. Then Doc Opleidingen+ teaches Languages such as Dutch, English & Spanish, on different levels, including Business and Reporting, Secretarial Skills, Coaching, you name it, all of the above from beginners to advanced, according to client demand.

Doc conducts its classes in English and basically if Fritz finds an awesome professional, a real expert in his/her field, he offers him/her a part-time teacher’s position. That is what happened to Diederik Kemmerling. Fritz did some work with Diederik, became impressed with his e-marketing knowledge, offered him a teaching stint, sat through the course himself, learned a lot, enjoyed it, and hopes to keep Diederik on staff forever.

Those of you, who are Diederik’s marketing clients at the The Lab, don’t worry, this is an evening, after-hours activity for the golden boy, he will still be available to you during office hours.

Besides adult education, kids will also find support at Doc’s with supervised homework which is offered everyday and needless to say, the space is friendly and centrally located, so this is your opportunity to add some content to your life, by learning something new.

How does Asset Management & Investing move you? Or Human Resources and Management? You should call for more information: 588 0541

Doc is also going to run the “Mi Compromiso Cu Aruba” educational program. They have been working on it for a while. The program is designed to enrich and inform islanders who come in touch with visitors, enhance their knowledge of the Aruba product and help them focus on service excellence.

And talking about adding content to our lives, I started listening to different PodCasts not long ago and last weekend I binged by listening to 10 segments titled “Revisionist History” with Malcolm Gladwell.  I found them on line among the iTunes Podcasts, they were excellent. Wearing headphones, I walked, and gardened while being thoroughly entertained and enlightened by the author of the excellent bestselling books The Tipping Point, Blink, and David and Goliath. “Gladwell’s new podcasts take aim at obscure or misrepresented moments in history, from a basketball legend to a failed intelligence project during the Vietnam War.” It was great!