A picture worth Awg 50.000

Remember July of 2014?

When the Governor refused to sign off on the 2014 island budget and the MinPres was unable to stomach the Dutch kingdom’s desire to control our expenses, he went on a so called Hunger Strike, practicing food deprivation for six day, drinking Ensure, sitting in the courtyard of Fort Zoutman, surrounded by local voters, followers, and those who had nothing else to do.

His ego was bruised by the Dutch suggestion that our country’s budget should be examined.

He wrapped up the drama he was starring in when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, on a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down on, July 17th, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board, many of them Dutch nationals.

The tragedy occupied the Dutch Authorities’ time, and they couldn’t deal with a huger striking MinPres, and thus he started eating again.

AZV, our national Insurance provider just got hit with the bill for the ambulance, parked 24/7 at Fort Zoutman, available to measure the MinPres vital signs, while he was hunger striking. One of his followers must have ordered it. So it was taken out of commission, and parked at Fort Zoutman, fully staffed. How much was the bill? It was Awg 50,000.

A manned and stocked ambulance, standing idle for six days, controlling vital signs, we have many pictures of that, that’s Awg 50.000.